Kolkata Chemical: Hydrochloric Acid Excellence in the Heart of Bengal

Kolkata Chemical: Hydrochloric Acid Excellence in the Heart of Bengal

Nestled in the cultural capital of India, Kolkata Chemical is not just a company; it’s a legacy. Standing tall amidst the competition, this firm has seamlessly amalgamated the essence of Kolkata’s rich history with modern scientific breakthroughs, creating a potent mix of quality and tradition. As a premier hydrochloric acid supplier, manufacturer, and distributor, its presence resonates not just within India’s borders but also vibrates strongly across the global chemical arena, especially in the bustling hubs of the Middle East and major world cities.


Every industry player identifies Kolkata Chemical’s hydrochloric acid by its distinct CAS Number: 7647-01-0. This is not just a number but a testament to its international recognition and unwavering quality.


Denoted as HCl, hydrochloric acid produced by Kolkata Chemical showcases unparalleled consistency, thanks to its stellar formula that is a result of years of research and refinement.

Product Description

Characterized by its pungent aroma and sharp acidic properties, Kolkata Chemical’s hydrochloric acid is a clear, colorless to slightly yellowish solution, synonymous with effectiveness and efficiency.

Usage & Application

  1. Metallurgy: Plays a pivotal role in ore refining and metal cleaning.
  2. Tanneries: Integral in leather processing.
  3. Construction: Useful in pH control for concrete production.
  4. Pharma Industry: Vital for certain drug formulations and digestive aids.
  5. Consumer Products: Commonly found in household cleaning agents.

Product Parameters

Engineered to perfection, the hydrochloric acid from Kolkata Chemical is renowned for its specific density, balanced concentration, and optimal pH, setting industrial benchmarks.

Grade Standard

Understanding the vast applications, Kolkata Chemical offers hydrochloric acid in:

  • Technical Grade
  • Food Grade
  • Pharma Grade
  • Laboratory Grade


Adherence to global standards and safety protocols has earned Kolkata Chemical numerous international certifications, reinforcing their commitment to excellence.


Highlighting their meticulous production process, Kolkata Chemical’s hydrochloric acid frequently showcases purity levels that exceed 99%.


A clear, transparent solution occasionally carrying a slight yellow tint, epitomizing quality and uniformity.


The hydrochloric acid stands out with minimal impurities, unmatched consistency, and a concentration that aligns with international norms.

Our Advantages

  1. Historic Legacy: Over decades in the chemical sector.
  2. Top-notch Quality: Steadfast commitment to global standards.
  3. Worldwide Presence: From Dubai to London, New York to Tokyo – their reach is unparalleled.
  4. Innovation Hub: Cutting-edge R&D for continuous improvement.

Production Capacity

Their state-of-the-art facility in Kolkata boasts massive production capabilities, seamlessly meeting domestic and international demands.

Quality Control

A rigorous quality assurance mechanism ensures that every batch matches the stellar reputation of Kolkata Chemical.


Tailor-made solutions in terms of concentration, packaging, and other specifications cater to diverse industry requirements.

Company Info

Kolkata Chemical stands as a beacon of trust, innovation, and sheer determination. With a rich history and a promising future, they are more than just a chemical firm; they are part of Kolkata’s illustrious heritage.


Safety and environmental considerations drive their packing processes, ensuring damage-free and eco-friendly consignments.

Physical Properties

  1. Density: Typically around 1.18 g/cm³.
  2. Boiling Point: A standard of -85°C.
  3. Melting Point: Generally observed at -114°C.


With world-class storage facilities, Kolkata Chemical ensures that the potency of hydrochloric acid remains untouched, retaining its pristine quality over time.

Quality Inspection

Third-party inspections are welcomed, underscoring transparency and commitment to quality.

Plant Area

An expansive, technologically advanced facility that respects nature, focusing on sustainability alongside production.

Terms of Payment or Quotation & Payment

To accommodate the diverse clientele, multiple payment methods and flexible quotation systems are in place, ensuring hassle-free transactions.

Nearest Port

With proximity to Kolkata Port, one of India’s major maritime gateways, logistics and shipment processes are accelerated, guaranteeing swift deliveries.

Import & Export Mode

Their robust logistics and a vast distribution network ensure seamless import and export operations, connecting Kolkata to the world.

Kolkata Chemical is not just a producer; it’s an institution. As they continue to chart their path, they carry with them not just the trust of industries worldwide but the pride and heritage of Kolkata. As they mix chemicals, they also blend tradition with innovation, crafting a tale of success that’s unparalleled in the annals of the chemical industry.

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