Kolkata Chemical: A Beacon of Sodium Hydroxide Expertise in India

Kolkata Chemical: A Beacon of Sodium Hydroxide Expertise in India

In the heart of India’s cultural and historic capital, Kolkata, is a luminary in the chemical realm – Kolkata Chemical. Renowned as a leading Sodium Hydroxide supplier, manufacturer, and distributor, its operations span not just India, but the world. The company’s story is rooted in the juxtaposition of Kolkata’s rich past with its fervent aspirations for the future.

CAS Number (CAS NO)

Science identifies Sodium Hydroxide with the unique identifier CAS Number: 1310-73-2, an identification integral to its global scientific and trade transactions.


At its essence, Sodium Hydroxide’s chemical structure is represented by the formula NaOH, a simple yet powerful compound that drives industries worldwide.

Product Description

Commonly known as caustic soda or lye, Sodium Hydroxide is an alkaline compound that usually presents itself as a white solid. Given its profound reactivity and alkaline nature, it holds great industrial significance.

Usage & Application

  1. Textile Industry: For dyeing and processing of fabrics.
  2. Soap & Detergent Manufacturing: Lye is pivotal to soap making.
  3. Paper Production: Breaking down wood into paper pulp.
  4. Food Industry: Used as a food additive and pH regulator.

Product Parameters

Grade Standard: From the textile industry to food processors, Kolkata Chemical meets all quality grades.

Certification: Their excellence is underscored by numerous industry certifications.

Purity: Routinely boasting of over 99%, showcasing their impeccable refining process.

Appearance: A flawless white crystalline solid, a hallmark of quality.


Harnessing top-tier technology ensures their Sodium Hydroxide’s unmatched standards.

Our Advantages

  1. Unparalleled Reach: Be it Cairo, Copenhagen, or Canberra, Kolkata Chemical’s impact is global.
  2. Research Excellence: Their innovation stems from relentless research.
  3. Eco-Conscious: Commitment towards sustainable, green practices.
  4. Customer-First Approach: Tailored solutions for every client need.

Production Capacity

Their state-of-the-art facilities guarantee to meet ever-increasing global demands.

Quality Control

Every batch undergoes rigorous checks to maintain industry-topping quality standards.


Grasping diverse industrial requirements, Kolkata Chemical excels in offering bespoke solutions.

Company Info

Embodying the spirit of Kolkata, the company symbolizes passion, tradition, and a drive for global excellence.


Every product batch is meticulously packed, ensuring zero compromise on quality during transit.

Physical Properties

Renowned for high solubility, impeccable reactivity, and superior texture.


With state-of-the-art storage capabilities, they ensure the Sodium Hydroxide’s longevity and purity.

Quality Inspection

A dedicated quality assurance team ensures that every production batch exceeds global benchmarks.

Plant Area

Located advantageously, their modern plant amalgamates best-in-class design and technology.

Terms of Payment & Quotation

Transparent dealings underscore every transaction, fostering trust.

Nearest Port

Nestled close to the iconic Kolkata Port, logistics is swift and efficient.

Import & Export Mode

With an extensive network, they seamlessly cater to international demands.

Kolkata Chemical, while anchored in India’s City of Joy, transcends borders with its legacy. A legacy that’s etched across the Middle East and major global hubs. It stands as an embodiment of relentless commitment, quality, and a vision that weaves tradition with modernity. Through every grain of Sodium Hydroxide they produce, they’re not just delivering a chemical but are also sharing a piece of Kolkata’s rich heritage, resilience, and global aspiration.

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