Kolkata Chemical: The Vanguard of Sulfuric Acid Production in the Cultural Capital of India

Kolkata Chemical: The Vanguard of Sulfuric Acid Production in the Cultural Capital of India

Steeped in history, Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, has always been India’s cultural and intellectual epicenter. From this land of scholars and poets emerges Kolkata Chemical – a beacon in sulfuric acid manufacturing, binding tradition with modernity. As the city straddles both the past and the future, Kolkata Chemical has positioned itself as a pioneering force in the chemical sector, illuminating not just India but the world.


Sulfuric acid’s unique identifier, 7664-93-9, ensures that Kolkata Chemical’s offerings remain true to this exact molecular signature, devoid of any adulteration.


Specializing in producing the formidable H₂SO₄, this simple yet vital formula epitomizes the heart of countless industrial applications worldwide.

Product Description

Kolkata Chemical’s sulfuric acid is not merely a chemical. It’s a manifesto of the company’s vision to produce and supply a top-tier product that meets global standards while being deeply rooted in local values.

Usage & Application

Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is a highly important and versatile chemical compound with an extensive range of applications across various sectors due to its strong acidity, reactivity, and wide industrial utility. This report delves into the applications and uses of sulfuric acid in different sectors, emphasizing its properties, production methods, and advantages in each application.

1. Chemical Industry: Sulfuric acid is a foundational component of the chemical industry and serves as a precursor for numerous chemicals and processes.

  • Fertilizer Production: It is a key component in the production of phosphate-based fertilizers, including superphosphate and ammonium phosphate.
  • Dyes and Pigments: It is used in the production of various dyes and pigments due to its role as a dehydrating agent.
  • Sulfonation Reactions: It is used in the sulfonation of organic compounds for the manufacture of detergents, synthetic fibers, and more.

2. Oil Refining and Petrochemical Industry: Sulfuric acid has applications in the oil refining and petrochemical sector.

  • Alkylation: It is used in the alkylation process to produce high-octane gasoline components.
  • Catalyst Regeneration: It is used to regenerate catalysts in certain refining processes.

3. Mining and Metallurgy: Sulfuric acid is extensively used in the mining and metallurgy sectors.

  • Ore Processing: It is used to extract metals from ores through processes like leaching and extraction.
  • Smelting: It is used in smelting processes to remove impurities and produce metals.

4. Battery Manufacturing: Sulfuric acid is a crucial component in battery production.

  • Lead-Acid Batteries: It is used as an electrolyte in lead-acid batteries commonly used in vehicles and backup power systems.

5. Agriculture: Sulfuric acid is used in the agriculture sector for soil amendment.

  • Soil Acidification: It is used to lower the pH of alkaline soils, making them suitable for certain crops.

6. Water Treatment: Sulfuric acid is utilized in water treatment processes.

  • pH Adjustment: It is used to adjust pH levels in water treatment plants and other industrial processes.

7. Pharmaceutical Industry: Sulfuric acid has applications in the pharmaceutical sector.

  • Drug Synthesis: It is used in the synthesis of certain drugs and pharmaceutical intermediates.

8. Textile Industry: Sulfuric acid is used in the textile industry.

  • Dyeing and Printing: It is used in certain dyeing and printing processes for textiles.

9. Cleaning and Household Products: Sulfuric acid-based solutions are used in cleaning and household products.

  • Drain Cleaners: It is used in drain cleaning products to dissolve clogs and blockages.

10. Laboratory and Analytical Chemistry: Sulfuric acid is a common reagent in laboratory settings.

  • Digestion and Sample Preparation: It is used for digestion and sample preparation in analytical chemistry.

11. Steel Industry: Sulfuric acid is used in the steel industry.

  • Pickling: It is used for pickling steel to remove impurities and prepare the surface for further processing.

12. Rubber and Plastic Industry: Sulfuric acid is used in the rubber and plastic industry.

  • Rubber Vulcanization: It is used in the rubber industry for vulcanization processes.

13. Wood and Paper Industry: Sulfuric acid has applications in the wood and paper sector.

  • Digestion: It is used in the digestion process to break down wood chips into pulp.

14. Electroplating: Sulfuric acid is used in electroplating processes.

  • Electrolyte: It serves as an electrolyte in certain electroplating baths.

15. Desiccant: Sulfuric acid is used as a desiccant in certain applications.

  • Dehydrating Agent: It is used to remove water from gases and liquids.

, sulfuric acid’s strong acidity, reactivity, and versatility make it a compound with an extensive range of applications in various sectors. Its uses span from the chemical industry and oil refining to mining, battery manufacturing, agriculture, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, textiles, cleaning products, laboratory analysis, steel manufacturing, rubber and plastic processing, wood and paper production, electroplating, and desiccation. While its diverse applications underscore its importance, its strong corrosive and reactive nature demands proper handling and safety measures in various industries. As industries continue to evolve and prioritize efficiency, sustainability, and safety, the applications of sulfuric acid are expected to expand, reinforcing its role as a foundational component in modern manufacturing, technology, and research.

Product Parameters

Optimal concentration, perfect pH balance, and unmatched purity – a trifecta of perfection achieved in every batch.

Grade Standard

  • Industrial: Serving large-scale manufacturing requirements.
  • Reagent: Facilitating accurate and crucial research endeavors.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade: Complementing the burgeoning healthcare sector.


Upholding international benchmarks, Kolkata Chemical proudly possesses a plethora of certifications, underlining their uncompromising stance on quality.


A staggering purity level ranging from 98-99% showcases Kolkata Chemical’s technological prowess and commitment.


Their sulfuric acid can be best described as a clear, viscous liquid, embodying the very essence of purity and potency.


Consistency is key. With nearly zero contaminants, Kolkata Chemical’s sulfuric acid has become the gold standard in the industry.

Our Advantages

  1. Strategic Location: Positioned in the heart of a major metropolis, ensuring swift logistics.
  2. Global Network: From Middle Eastern skyscrapers to American industries and European research hubs, their footprint is omnipresent.
  3. Advanced R&D: Pioneering innovations, driving the chemical sector forward.
  4. Legacy of Trust: Years of unwavering commitment to quality and service.

Production Capacity

Boasting one of India’s most expansive facilities, Kolkata Chemical stands ready to fulfill burgeoning national and global demands with ease.

Quality Control

Marrying tradition with technology, every batch undergoes rigorous quality checks, leaving no room for compromise.


Understanding and appreciating the unique demands of different industries, Kolkata Chemical offers bespoke solutions tailored for individual requirements.

Company Info

From the winding alleys of North Kolkata to the modern skyscrapers of Salt Lake, Kolkata Chemical’s journey mirrors the city’s own evolution from a colonial hub to a modern metropolis.


Safety and sustainability go hand in hand. Their packaging methods not only ensure product integrity but also prioritize environmental well-being.

Physical Properties

  • Density: 1.84 g/cm³
  • Melting Point: 10°C
  • Boiling Point: 337°C


Advanced storage solutions maintain the chemical’s integrity, ensuring it remains as potent as the day it was produced.

Quality Inspection

Embracing third-party inspections, they underscore their commitment to transparency and excellence.

Plant Area

Sprawled over vast acres, their facility is an emblem of modern engineering combined with sustainable methodologies.

Terms of Payment or Quotation & Payment

Catering to a global clientele requires flexibility. Kolkata Chemical offers myriad payment options to facilitate seamless transactions.

Nearest Port

Benefiting from proximity to the Kolkata Port, their export capabilities are both efficient and timely, ensuring global demands are met with precision.

Import & Export Mode

With a logistics framework that rivals global giants, Kolkata Chemical’s products find their way to every corner of the world.

Kolkata Chemical, much like the city it hails from, is an intricate tapestry of heritage and modernity. As Kolkata’s trams chug alongside the metro, echoing stories of yesteryears while ushering in tomorrow, Kolkata Chemical embodies this ethos. It respects the legacy of chemical manufacturing, upholds the highest quality standards, and constantly innovates for the future. A journey that started amidst the historic lanes of Kolkata has now traversed continents, making Kolkata Chemical not just a brand, but a global ambassador of India’s manufacturing capabilities and vision. In this intricate dance of molecules and markets, of tradition and technology, Kolkata Chemical stands as a luminary, lighting up the world with its excellence.


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