Kolkata Chemical: Pioneers in the Polyetherimide Landscape of India

Kolkata Chemical: Pioneers in the Polyetherimide Landscape of India

Set against the backdrop of the illustrious city of Kolkata, Kolkata Chemical emerges as a leading figure in the domain of Polyetherimide (PEI) production, marking a significant footprint in the arena of advanced polymers and high-end plastics.

CAS No.: 61128-46-9
Product Description
Polyetherimide, better understood as PEI, is renowned for its remarkable heat endurance, dimensional sturdiness, and innate flame resistance. Its tint ranges from amber to transparent, making it versatile for diverse applications. PEI’s prominence is majorly due to its exceptional heat resistance, reliability, and dimensional stability.

Usage & Application
Produced under the trusted banner of Kolkata Chemical, PEI has proven indispensable across various sectors:

Aerospace: For its heat and flame resistance properties.
Medical: Ensuring biocompatibility in medical instruments.
Electronics: Banking on its electrical insulation capabilities.
Automotive: Providing heat resilience in engine components.
Consumer Durables: Leveraging PEI’s properties for everyday appliances.
Product Parameters
Grade Standard: Ranges from Industrial to specialized Medical Grade.
Certification: Proudly holds ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and medical specific ISO 13485 certifications.
Purity: Ascending beyond 99% purity.
Appearance: Spectrum from amber to full transparency.
Specifications: Always aligned with global standards.
Our Advantages
Unparalleled Quality: Consistency in delivering high-grade PEI.
Global Reach: Supplies spanning across major cities globally.
Distinguished Team: A repository of experts leading the way.
Customized Solutions: To resonate with varied industrial demands.
Production Capacity
The production bandwidth of Kolkata Chemical ensures that the rising demands, both domestic and international, are consistently met without compromise on quality.

Quality Control
Dedicated quality control cells equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and personnel ensure that every batch resonates with excellence.

With customer centricity at its core, Kolkata Chemical offers a broad spectrum of customization options, from molecular weight variations to tailored additive inclusions.

Company Info
Kolkata Chemical, anchored in the City of Joy, has revolutionized the chemical market scenario in India. With a presence that transcends national borders, its reputation for quality, consistency, and innovation remains unparalleled.

Optimal packing standards are maintained to ensure PEI’s pristine state is preserved, safeguarding against environmental factors and potential contaminants.

Density: Approximately 1.27 g/cm^3.
Melting Point: Around 217°C.
Solubility: Solubility increases at elevated temperatures, otherwise limited in most solvents.
PEI demands a storage environment that’s cool and dry, devoid of direct sun exposure. Environments free from reactive agents or potential contaminants are imperative.

While internal quality checks remain rigorous, third-party inspections are always welcome, ensuring unwavering trust and transparency.

Plant Area
The sprawling facility, optimized for efficient production, stands testament to our commitment to quality and scale.

Terms of Payment & Quotation
Our competitive pricing is coupled with adaptable payment structures. For detailed quotations, our dedicated teams are always at your service.

Nearest Port
The Kolkata Port, offering seamless accessibility for import-export operations.

Import & Export Mode
Our predominant operations are channeled through sea routes, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries to a diverse clientele.

Global Reach
While our roots lie deep in Kolkata, our reach is truly global, spanning across:

Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore (India)
Dubai, Abu Dhabi (UAE)
Riyadh, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
Doha (Qatar)
Cairo (Egypt)
Bangkok (Thailand)
London (UK)
New York, Los Angeles (USA)
Sydney (Australia)
And several other global hubs!

Kolkata Chemical isn’t just a name; it’s a legacy. A legacy of unwavering commitment, unparalleled quality, and relentless innovation in the world of Polyetherimide. As the vast canvas of polymers evolves, we stand as sentinels, leading, evolving, and pioneering. Aligning with Kolkata Chemical isn’t just a business choice; it’s an association with a legacy that believes in pioneering futures.

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