Kolkata Chemical: Pioneering the Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) Industry in India

Kolkata Chemical: Pioneering the Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) Industry in India

Where the sacred Ganges greets the sprawling metropolis of Kolkata, an industrial saga unravels. Kolkata Chemical, nestled in the city’s dynamic heart, emerges as India’s preeminent manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK). Not just a business entity, Kolkata Chemical symbolizes the new age of India’s chemical prominence on the global stage.



Product Description:
PEEK, often referred to as the ‘golden molecule’ of thermoplastics, boasts of exceptional mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties, carving its niche in a myriad of applications.

Usage and Application
PEEK has sculpted its prominence in sectors such as:

Aerospace: Offering unrivaled strength-to-weight metrics.
Healthcare: Lending longevity and uncompromising safety to medical instruments.
Energy: Meeting the rigors of the challenging oil & gas sector.
Automotive: Spearheading innovations in vehicular performance.
Electronics: Providing robust protection to intricate electronic modules.
Product Parameters
Grade Standard:
PEEK’s versatility extends across a multitude of grades, from medical to industrial.

Kolkata Chemical holds prestigious international certifications, including ISO, CE, among others.

With a purity level cresting at 99.9%, it’s the epitome of quality.

Bearing a captivating amber, semi-transparent hue.

PEEK from Kolkata Chemical stands as a testament to durability, heat resilience, and chemical inertness.

Our Advantages
Cutting-Edge R&D: Propelling front-line chemical research.
Global Outreach: Serving a diverse global clientele.
Commitment to Quality: Crafting excellence in every grain.
Eco-forward: Pledging for a sustainable, eco-conscious future.
Production Capacity
Kolkata Chemical’s state-of-the-art facilities consistently cater to growing global PEEK demands, producing thousands of tons annually.

Quality Control
PEEK’s journey under Kolkata Chemical’s purview is:

Embedded in impeccable quality.
Governed by international benchmarks.
Reflective of unparalleled client trust.
Adapting PEEK to client-specific requirements, ensuring a bespoke product experience.

Company Info
Transitioning from the vibrant lanes of Kolkata to international avenues, Kolkata Chemical has burgeoned into a symbol of PEEK excellence, quality, and innovation.

Adopting sustainable, robust packaging techniques, ensuring that PEEK retains its pristine quality through its transit journey.

Density: 1.3 g/cm³
Melting Point: 343°C
Tensile Strength: 100 MPa
PEEK is ensconced in rigorously controlled environments to maintain its unparalleled quality and integrity.

Every consignment is a testament to the unwavering commitment that Kolkata Chemical harbors towards ensuring premium quality PEEK.

Plant Area
The sprawling expanse of Kolkata Chemical’s plant signifies where the magic of science, technology, and industrial vision converge.

Terms of Payment & Quotation
Offering a plethora of payment avenues, streamlining the transactional experience for a diverse global clientele.

Nearest Port
Kolkata Port: A venerable maritime conduit ensuring smooth and swift global dispatches.

Import & Export Mode
With a robust logistical backbone, Kolkata Chemical ensures that the PEEK’s journey, be it through Import or Export, remains seamless.

Global Outreach
Kolkata Chemical’s PEEK reaches the heart of:

Muscat, Oman
Dubai, UAE
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Bangkok, Thailand
Berlin, Germany
New York, USA
Sydney, Australia
Paris, France
…and a multitude of other global destinations.

Kolkata Chemical isn’t just a corporate identity; it’s a narrative of Indian resilience, vision, and global ascendancy. With its leadership in the PEEK domain, Kolkata Chemical is not merely defining the industry’s trajectory but etching a golden chapter in the annals of global chemical supremacy.

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