Excellence in supplying, manufacturing, and distributing Alkyd resins in India

Excellence in supplying, manufacturing, and distributing Alkyd resins in India

Established in the bustling heart of India’s financial capital, Mumbai Chemical is a globally recognized leader in the manufacture, supply, and distribution of Alkyd resins. With a strong network that spans across the Middle East and the world’s top cities, the company has carved out an exemplary reputation in delivering products tailored to a myriad of industrial applications. Here’s an extensive insight into the fascinating world of Alkyd resins through Mumbai Chemical’s expertise.


Alkyd resins possess various CAS Numbers, reflecting their specific types and compositions.


The general formula for Alkyd resins is R-COOR’, where R and R’ are hydrocarbon groups, but it may differ according to the resin type.

Product Description

Alkyd resins are synthesized by the polycondensation process and are widely acknowledged for their superior features and applications in numerous industries.

Usage & Application

  • Coatings: Including architectural, automotive, marine.
  • Printing Inks: Various printing technologies.
  • Adhesives: Across industries.

Product Parameters

  • Grade Standard: Industrial, Commercial, Specialized grades.
  • Certification: ISO, REACH, etc.
  • Purity: 90% – 99%.
  • Appearance: Clear to pale-yellow liquids.
  • Specifications: Diverse, as per requirements.

Our Advantages

  • Worldwide Network: Supplying to Dubai, London, New York, Riyadh, Tokyo, and more.
  • Quality Control: Ensured through rigorous standards.
  • Customization: Meeting client-specific needs.

Production Capacity, Quality Control

Robust manufacturing units enable Mumbai Chemical to maintain extensive production capacity, strictly adhering to global quality control parameters.

Customization & Company Info

Mumbai Chemical provides bespoke solutions and prides itself on innovative practices since its inception in [YEAR].


  • Packing: As per international guidelines.
  • PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Varied per resin type.
  • STORAGE: Specialized storage to preserve quality.


Quality inspections at every stage align with industry norms.

Plant Area

State-of-the-art plant facilities, outfitted with the latest technology.

Terms of Payment, Quotation & Payment

Various payment methods, including LC, TT, aligning with customer needs.

Nearest Port

Utilizing major ports like Mumbai for seamless shipping.

Import & Export Mode

Smooth international trade through versatile import & export modes.

Mumbai Chemical emerges as a beacon of excellence in supplying, manufacturing, and distributing Alkyd resins in India. Its expansive network reaching the Middle East and global metropolises like Paris, Sydney, San Francisco, São Paulo, and more highlights its profound impact on the industry. The company’s dedication to quality, innovation, customization, and client satisfaction resonates in every product, driving Mumbai Chemical towards new horizons of success and recognition.

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