Butyl Rubber Supplier, Manufacturer, and Distributor in India

Butyl Rubber Supplier, Manufacturer, and Distributor in India

Butyl rubber, a synthetic rubber extensively used in many applications due to its unique properties, is one of the critical products we proudly manufacture, supply, and distribute. Having our central operations in Kolkata, India, we cater not just to the national market but also extensively cover the Middle East and numerous other top cities across the globe.

Product Details
CAS No: 9010-85-9
Chemical Formula: (C4H8)n
Product Description
Butyl rubber is a copolymer or isobutylene and a small amount of isoprene. It exhibits exceptional impermeability to gases, making it ideal for applications that require an airtight seal. It boasts high resistance to heat, aging, weathering, chemical attack, and abrasion.

Usage and Application
Butyl rubber finds its uses in a plethora of sectors. It is widely used in the automotive industry for tire production and inner tubes due to its low gas permeability. Other uses include pharmaceutical stoppers, mechanical goods, hoses, belts, gaskets, and electrical insulation. It is also used in adhesives, sealants, and even in protective clothing.

Product Parameters and Specifications
Our Butyl rubber meets and often exceeds the following industry-standard specifications:

Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
Purity: 99.5% Min.
Appearance: White to pale yellow solid
Our Advantages
We pride ourselves on the quality of our Butyl rubber, which is a result of stringent quality control measures, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and dedicated customer service. We have a large production capacity, which ensures that we can meet any demand, big or small, on time. We also offer product customization to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Production Capacity and Quality Control
Our state-of-the-art facility in Kolkata, with a sprawling plant area, is equipped with the latest technology that allows us to have a high production capacity. Quality control is at the heart of our operations. We follow a stringent quality inspection process to ensure that every batch of Butyl rubber leaving our facility meets the highest standards.

Customization and Company Info
We provide customization options for our clients based on their specific requirements. Our company, with years of industry experience, commitment to quality, and customer-centric approach, has emerged as a trusted supplier, manufacturer, and distributor of Butyl rubber in India and across the world.

Packing, Physical Properties, and Storage
We offer Butyl rubber in various packing options to suit different customer needs. In terms of physical properties, it is usually a white to pale yellow solid. It should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Quality Inspection and Terms of Payment
Each batch of our Butyl rubber goes through stringent quality inspection before it is approved for sale. Our payment terms are flexible, and we offer various modes to suit our clients’ convenience.

Nearest Port and Import & Export Mode
Our nearest port is the Kolkata Port, one of the major ports in India, enabling us to ship orders quickly. We operate in both Import and Export modes, serving customers worldwide.

International Reach
We proudly supply to top cities worldwide, including Dubai, Riyadh, Doha, Cairo, Muscat, Kuwait City, Beirut, Istanbul, Tehran, Jerusalem, and others, making us a truly global player.

As a leading Butyl rubber supplier, manufacturer, and distributor, we consistently aim to provide high-quality products and services. Our commitment to quality, vast production capacity, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction set us apart in the industry. As we continue to expand our reach and better our services, we promise to uphold the trust and confidence that our customers place in us.

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