Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate (Na2WO4·2H2O): Unlocking Opportunities in Kolkata’s chemicals

Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate (Na2WO4·2H2O): Unlocking Opportunities in Kolkata’s chemicals

Welcome to kolkata chemical, where we proudly introduce ourselves as a trusted supplier, manufacturer, and distributor of high-quality Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate (Na2WO4·2H2O) chemicals in Kolkata, India. With a strong commitment to excellence, we have established a reputable presence in the industry. 

CAS Number: 10213-10-2

Chemical Formula: Na2WO4·2H2O

Product Description: Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate (Na2WO4·2H2O) is a valuable chemical compound that exists as a white crystalline powder. Renowned for its high purity, stability, and exceptional properties, Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate finds wide applications in various industries. It exhibits excellent solubility in water and demonstrates remarkable chemical and thermal stability.

Usage and Applications:Sodium tungstate dihydrate (Na2WO4·2H2O) is a versatile compound with numerous applications across various sectors. This comprehensive article explores the applications and uses of sodium tungstate dihydrate in sectors such as the chemical industry, healthcare, metallurgy, electronics, and environmental remediation. By delving into its properties and functionalities, this review highlights the significance and versatility of sodium tungstate dihydrate in modern applications.

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  1. Introduction Sodium tungstate dihydrate (Na2WO4·2H2O) is a chemical compound composed of sodium, tungsten, and water molecules. It exhibits unique properties such as solubility, catalytic activity, and chemical stability. These characteristics make sodium tungstate dihydrate suitable for diverse applications in various sectors.
  2. Chemical Industry 2.1. Catalysts: Sodium tungstate dihydrate serves as a catalyst in numerous chemical reactions. It is used in the production of petrochemicals, fine chemicals, and pharmaceutical intermediates. The compound’s catalytic activity enables the conversion of raw materials into desired products, enhancing reaction efficiency and selectivity.

2.2. Pigments: Sodium tungstate dihydrate is utilized as a pigment in the chemical industry. Its ability to impart vibrant yellow colors to various materials makes it valuable for dyeing and coloring applications in textiles, paints, and coatings.

  1. Healthcare 3.1. Medical Imaging: Sodium tungstate dihydrate is employed as a contrast agent in medical imaging, specifically in X-ray and computed tomography (CT) scans. Its high atomic number and X-ray attenuation properties enable enhanced visualization of body tissues and organs, aiding in the diagnosis and monitoring of medical conditions.

3.2. Anticancer Agents: Sodium tungstate dihydrate exhibits potential anticancer properties. Research studies have shown its ability to inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells and promote apoptosis (programmed cell death). Further exploration of its anticancer mechanisms may lead to the development of novel therapeutic strategies.

  1. Metallurgy 4.1. Tungsten Production: Sodium tungstate dihydrate is a crucial intermediate in the production of tungsten metal. It is used in the extraction and purification processes of tungsten from its ores. Sodium tungstate dihydrate undergoes several chemical reactions to yield high-purity tungsten, which is subsequently used in various metallurgical applications.

4.2. Steel Manufacturing: Sodium tungstate dihydrate finds application in steel manufacturing as a deoxidizing agent. It helps remove oxygen impurities during the steelmaking process, improving the quality and properties of the final steel products.

  1. Electronics 5.1. Electrochromic Devices: Sodium tungstate dihydrate is used in electrochromic devices, which can change their optical properties in response to an electrical stimulus. It is utilized as an electrochromic material in smart windows, displays, and rearview mirrors. Sodium tungstate dihydrate-based devices offer adjustable transparency, energy efficiency, and reduced glare.

5.2. Photovoltaics: Sodium tungstate dihydrate is employed in the fabrication of photovoltaic devices, such as solar cells. It can act as a hole transport material, facilitating the efficient movement of charge carriers within the solar cell structure. Sodium tungstate dihydrate-based photovoltaic devices contribute to renewable energy generation.

  1. Environmental Remediation 6.1. Heavy Metal Removal: Sodium tungstate dihydrate is used in environmental remediation processes, specifically for the removal of heavy metal contaminants from water sources. It can form stable complexes with heavy metal ions, facilitating their removal through precipitation or adsorption. Sodium tungstate dihydrate-based treatments contribute to water purification and pollution control.

6.2. Water Treatment: Sodium tungstate dihydrate finds application in water treatment technologies, such as the removal of nitrates and phosphates from wastewater. It can precipitate and remove these pollutants, improving water quality and minimizing environmental impacts.

  1. Other Applications 7.1. Analytical Chemistry: Sodium tungstate dihydrate is utilized in various analytical techniques, including spectrophotometry and chromatography. It serves as a reagent or standard in chemical analysis, enabling the quantification and identification of specific substances in samples.

7.2. Flame Retardants: Sodium tungstate dihydrate is used as a flame retardant in certain materials. Its ability to suppress or delay the spread of flames enhances the fire safety properties of textiles, plastics, and other flammable materials.

  1.  Sodium tungstate dihydrate (Na2WO4·2H2O) exhibits a wide range of applications in various sectors. In the chemical industry, it serves as a catalyst and pigment, contributing to various chemical processes and coloring applications. In healthcare, sodium tungstate dihydrate finds use in medical imaging and potential anticancer agents. It plays a significant role in metallurgy, electronics, and environmental remediation, enabling tungsten production, steel manufacturing, electrochromic devices, photovoltaics, and water treatment. The compound’s versatility and valuable properties make it an essential component for technological advancements in different industries.

Product Parameters:

  • Grade Standard: Our Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate products adhere to industry-standard grades, ensuring consistent quality and performance in diverse applications.
  • Certification: We provide certified Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate products that meet international quality and safety standards, assuring customers of reliability and compliance.
  • Purity: Our Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate exhibits high levels of purity, guaranteeing optimal performance and effectiveness in its intended applications.
  • Appearance: The product is a white crystalline powder with a uniform texture, facilitating its handling and integration into various processes.

Our Advantages:

  1. Reliable Supply: We prioritize meeting customer demands by ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate products. Our robust distribution network allows us to cater to customers in top cities across the Middle East and around the world, including [mention top cities].
  2. High-Quality Products: Quality is our utmost priority. Through rigorous testing and quality control processes, we ensure that our Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate products meet stringent quality standards, delivering superior performance and customer satisfaction.
  3. Technical Expertise: Our experienced team of professionals possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate. We are equipped to provide valuable technical support and assistance to our customers, addressing their specific requirements.
  4. Customer-Focused Approach: We understand the unique needs of our customers and are committed to providing tailored solutions. Our dedicated customer support team ensures prompt and efficient service, maintaining long-term relationships based on trust and satisfaction.

Packing: We offer Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate in secure and reliable packaging options that ensure the safe transportation and storage of the product, preventing any damage or contamination.

Plant Area: Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced technology and infrastructure to meet the growing demands of our customers. We maintain strict quality control measures throughout the production process to ensure the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Terms of Payment: We provide flexible payment terms to facilitate smooth transactions and accommodate our customers’ preferences. Our team will work closely with you to determine the most suitable payment method for your specific requirements.

Nearest Port: For convenient logistics and efficient delivery, our location in Kolkata provides access to nearby ports, ensuring timely shipping and distribution of our Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate products.

Import & Export Mode: We operate in both import and export modes to serve our customers worldwide. With a global reach, we are committed to providing efficient and reliable solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

 As a trusted supplier, manufacturer, and distributor of Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate chemicals, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products and exceptional service. Our reliable supply, adherence to industry standards, technical expertise, and customer-focused approach make us the preferred choice for customers in Kolkata, India, and around the world. Partner with us for all your Sodium Tungstate Dihydrate requirements and experience the difference of working with a trusted industry leader.


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