Magnesium Sulfate: Your Trusted Supplier and Manufacturer in Kolkata, Indi

Magnesium Sulfate: Your Trusted Supplier and Manufacturer in Kolkata, Indi


Welcome to Kolkata Chemical, your reliable supplier and manufacturer of magnesium sulfate in Kolkata, India. With a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a leading player in the chemical industry. 

Magnesium Sulfate – Chemical Formula, and Product Description

Chemical Formula: MgSO4

Magnesium sulfate, also known as Epsom salt, is a versatile compound widely used in various industries. It is a crystalline substance with the chemical formula MgSO4. The unique combination of magnesium and sulfur makes it an essential ingredient in numerous applications.

Usage and Applications of Magnesium Sulfate

Magnesium sulfate finds applications across different sectors, including:

  1. Agriculture: Magnesium sulfate is a vital nutrient for plant growth and is used as a fertilizer to supplement magnesium deficiencies in the soil.
  2. Pharmaceutical Industry: It is used in the formulation of medicines, particularly as a source of magnesium and for its laxative properties.
  3. Cosmetics and Personal Care: Magnesium sulfate is a popular ingredient in bath salts, soaps, lotions, and hair care products due to its soothing and exfoliating properties.
  4. Industrial Applications: It is used in various industrial processes such as textile dyeing, leather tanning, and the production of explosives.
  5. Water Treatment: Magnesium sulfate is employed in water treatment plants to adjust water hardness and aid in the removal of impurities.
  6. Agriculture and Aquaculture: It is utilized in aquaculture to control algae growth and enhance fish health.
  7. Construction Industry: Magnesium sulfate is added to cement and concrete mixtures to improve their properties and performance.

Product Parameters and Specifications

  • Purity: We offer high-purity magnesium sulfate to ensure optimal results in diverse applications.
  • Particle Size: Our magnesium sulfate products are available in different particle sizes, catering to specific customer requirements.
  • Solubility: The solubility of our magnesium sulfate is carefully controlled, allowing for easy dissolution and utilization.
  • Moisture Content: We ensure low moisture content in our magnesium sulfate, guaranteeing long shelf life and stability.

Advantages of Choosing Kolkata Chemical

  1. Superior Quality: At Kolkata Chemical, we prioritize quality control measures to deliver magnesium sulfate products of the highest standards.
  2. Reliable Supply: With our robust supply chain and production capabilities, we ensure a consistent and uninterrupted supply of magnesium sulfate.
  3. Technical Expertise: Our team of experienced professionals possesses in-depth knowledge of the chemical industry and can provide technical support and guidance to our customers.
  4. Customized Solutions: We understand the unique requirements of our clients and offer tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.
  5. Competitive Pricing: We strive to provide competitive pricing without compromising on product quality, ensuring excellent value for our customers’ investments.

Company Information and Plant Area

Kolkata Chemical is a reputed chemical company based in Kolkata, India, dedicated to delivering top-quality products and services to our customers. Our advanced manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and adheres to stringent quality and safety standards. We prioritize sustainability and continuously invest in research and development to enhance our product offerings.

Packaging Options, Terms of Payment, and Nearest Port

We offer magnesium sulfate in various packaging options, including bags, drums, and bulk containers, ensuring safe transportation and convenient storage. Our flexible payment terms facilitate smooth transactions, providing convenience and flexibility to our customers. The nearest port for shipping magnesium sulfate from Kolkata will be communicated during the order processing stage, ensuring efficient logistics and timely delivery.

Import and Export Mode

Kolkata Chemical operates in both import and export modes, enabling us to serve customers not only in India but also globally. Our extensive distribution network ensures reliable and timely delivery to various regions worldwide.

Supply to Top Cities in India and Worldwide

We take pride in supplying magnesium sulfate to top cities in India, including Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi, as well as major cities worldwide. Whether you are located in the Middle East, Europe, North America, or any other region, we can cater to your magnesium sulfate requirements efficiently and effectively.

 Kolkata Chemical is your trusted partner for high-quality magnesium sulfate in Kolkata, India. With our commitment to excellence, technical expertise, and customer-centric approach, we strive to meet and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to discuss your magnesium sulfate needs and experience the Kolkata Chemical difference.


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