Kolkata Chemicals: The Leading Light of Nitric Acid Production in India

Kolkata Chemicals: The Leading Light of Nitric Acid Production in India

Nestled in the City of Joy, Kolkata Chemicals shines bright as an epitome of excellence in the realm of chemical production. As a top-tier nitric acid manufacturer, supplier, and distributor, it sets an unparalleled standard in quality, innovation, and commitment, mirroring the vibrant and ever-evolving spirit of Kolkata.

CAS Number (CAS NO)

In the vast ocean of chemicals, each compound is recognized with its distinct identity. Nitric acid stands out with its unique CAS Number: 7697-37-2.


Heralded by its renowned formula, HNO₃, nitric acid holds a pivotal role in multiple sectors and processes.

Product Description

Nitric acid, characterized as a colorless, highly corrosive liquid, is discernible by its sharp, acrid odor. Its effervescent reactivity with air emanates nitrogen dioxide’s reddish-brown fumes, marking its potent nature.

Usage & Application

  1. Agriculture: A cornerstone for producing ammonium nitrate-based fertilizers.
  2. Industry: Fundamental in explosives, dyes, and specific polymer manufacturing.
  3. Metal Processing: The gold standard for etching, refining, and metal purification.
  4. Pharmaceuticals: Essential in several drug syntheses and chemical processes.

Product Parameters

Grade Standard: Ranging from the high-demand industrial grade to the meticulous reagent grade, Kolkata Chemicals offers unmatched variety.

Certification: A badge of honor, its array of international certifications signifies its commitment to unparalleled quality.

Purity: Nitric acid purity at Kolkata Chemicals varies, with concentrations from 68% going upwards, based on the specific needs.

Appearance: The iconic clear, colorless visage of nitric acid with its distinctive odor is a hallmark.


Precision defines Kolkata Chemicals. Their nitric acid, through rigorous processes, adheres to, and often surpasses, the highest global specifications.

Our Advantages

  1. Worldwide Presence: Catering not just to India but renowned cities globally, such as Dubai, Singapore, Paris, Sydney, to name a few.
  2. Technological Supremacy: Leveraging advanced technology to assure product quality and uniformity.
  3. Unwavering Dedication: Each nitric acid batch resonates with Kolkata Chemicals’ ethos of commitment.
  4. Flexible Solutions: Addressing varied demands with bespoke nitric acid solutions.

Production Capacity

With avant-garde facilities, Kolkata Chemicals’ production prowess is tailored to satiate the ever-increasing domestic and global demands.

Quality Control

Harnessing sophisticated tools and a seasoned team, they ensure every nitric acid drop meets stringent quality standards.


Anticipating and addressing diverse needs, Kolkata Chemicals offers tailor-made nitric acid solutions, ensuring precision delivery across industries.

Company Info

An emblem of Kolkata’s rich industrial history, Kolkata Chemicals stands as a synthesis of heritage and futurism, rooted in tradition yet reaching for the stars.


Ensuring the volatile essence of nitric acid remains undisturbed, they employ top-tier, corrosion-resistant packing methodologies.

Physical Properties

Spanning from its specific gravity to its comprehensive reactivity profile, nitric acid’s properties are essential to myriad applications.


Nitric acid, under Kolkata Chemicals’ guidance, is stored following strict guidelines, ensuring its longevity and reactivity remain pristine.

Quality Inspection

Every production phase undergoes rigorous scrutiny, ensuring that the final nitric acid product is nothing short of perfect.

Plant Area

Kolkata Chemicals boasts an expansive, state-of-the-art plant area, a testament to its ambition and visionary outlook.

Terms of Payment & Quotation

With client-friendly policies, they offer lucid quotations and versatile payment methods, emphasizing ease and transparency.

Nearest Port

Proximity to the Kolkata Port ensures nimble, efficient, and timely global dispatches.

Import & Export Mode

Stretching its wings globally, Kolkata Chemicals operates both through Direct Export and Via Agency modes, promising a seamless supply chain.

Kolkata Chemicals is not just a manufacturer; it’s an emblem of Kolkata’s indomitable spirit, passion, and quest for perfection. From the alleys of Kolkata to the business hubs worldwide, its reputation stands unchallenged. With a legacy that speaks volumes and a vision that reaches beyond horizons, Kolkata Chemicals isn’t just shaping the future of the nitric acid industry; it’s sculpting a legacy for the ages.

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