Kolkata Chemicals: Leading the Vanguard in Propylene Glycol Ethers Distribution in India

Kolkata Chemicals: Leading the Vanguard in Propylene Glycol Ethers Distribution in India

India, with its burgeoning industrial growth, has always been a focal point for the global chemical industry. And amidst this sprawling industrial landscape, Kolkata Chemicals stands out as a beacon of excellence, pioneering the manufacturing, supply, and distribution of Propylene Glycol Ethers (PGEs) in India. This article delves deep into the nuances of PGEs, their applications, the state-of-the-art facilities, and the unparalleled commitment of Kolkata Chemicals in meeting global demands.

CAS NO: 107-98-2
(Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether – one of the renowned PGEs)

Formula: C4H10O2
Product Description
PGEs are a group of solvents derived from propylene oxide. With their low toxicity and impeccable solvent characteristics, these ethers are becoming a prime choice in various industries. Kolkata Chemicals, with its avant-garde technological integration, ensures that the produced PGEs surpass international quality benchmarks.

Propylene Glycol Ethers: Applications and Uses in Different Sectors


Propylene glycol ethers (PGEs) are a family of solvents derived from propylene oxide and alcohol. Due to their unique properties, including low toxicity, high solvency, and compatibility with many substances, PGEs have found applications in numerous sectors.

1. Paints and Coatings:

  • Solvent for Water-Based Paints: PGEs help dissolve various components, ensuring a uniform consistency. They contribute to better flow and application of paints on surfaces, enhancing the finish.
  • Ink Formulations: They serve as solvents in inkjet and flexographic inks, contributing to faster drying and sharper print resolution.
  • Adhesives and Sealants: In adhesive formulations, PGEs improve spreading, bonding strength, and overall performance.

2. Cleaning Products:

  • Household Cleaners: PGEs enhance the ability of cleaners to dissolve dirt, grease, and other contaminants.
  • Industrial Degreasers: Due to their effective solvency, PGEs can break down and remove industrial grime and residues.

3. Pharmaceuticals:

  • Solvent in Drug Formulations: They can help dissolve certain active pharmaceutical ingredients, improving drug delivery and effectiveness.
  • Topical Preparations: PGEs are used in creams and lotions, ensuring uniform distribution of active ingredients on the skin.

4. Personal Care and Cosmetics:

  • Skincare: As humectants, they help retain moisture in skin care products, promoting skin hydration.
  • Make-up Products: They can act as solvents or spreading agents in makeup products, ensuring smooth application and longer wear.
  • Deodorants: PGEs help to dissolve and distribute fragrance components evenly.

5. Electronics:

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing: PGEs are utilized as solvents during semiconductor production, particularly in photolithography processes.
  • LCD Panel Production: They play a role in the solubilization and deposition of materials on LCD panels.

6. Textile and Leather Industries:

  • Dyeing Process: PGEs serve as carrier solvents, promoting the even penetration of dyes into fabrics.
  • Tanning Process: In leather production, they help in the dispersion and penetration of tanning agents.

7. Automotive:

  • Brake Fluids: Due to their low volatility and good compatibility with other components, PGEs are used in brake fluid formulations.
  • Fuel Additives: They can act as solvents or carriers for various additives in fuels, enhancing fuel efficiency and engine performance.

8. Agriculture:

  • Pesticide Formulations: PGEs help dissolve and distribute active ingredients, ensuring effective pest control.
  • Fertilizer Solutions: In liquid fertilizers, PGEs function as solvents or carriers, ensuring even distribution and absorption of nutrients by plants.

9. Food and Beverage:

  • Flavorings and Colorings: PGEs are sometimes used as solvents in flavorings and colorings, facilitating even dispersion in food products.
  • Food Packaging: They are used in certain ink formulations for food packaging, ensuring print durability and non-toxicity.

10. Plastics and Polymers:

  • Plasticizers: PGEs can be used to enhance the flexibility of certain plastic materials.
  • Polymerization Process: They serve as solvents or reaction mediums during the production of some polymers.

11. Aerosols:

  • Propellant Carrier: PGEs can act as solvents in aerosol products, helping to distribute the active ingredients evenly upon spraying.

12. Ink Production:

  • Flexographic and Gravure Printing: PGEs are valuable solvents in these printing methods, ensuring even ink distribution and quick drying.


Propylene glycol ethers, due to their diverse chemical properties, play an essential role in many industries. Their adaptability and compatibility with a broad spectrum of materials make them an indispensable component in numerous applications. As industries evolve and the demand for efficient, safe, and high-performance products grows, the relevance of PGEs in modern manufacturing and production processes is likely to remain significant.

Product Parameters

Grade Standard: Both Industrial and Pharmaceutical Grade
Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and GMP Certified
Purity: Exceeding 99.7%
Appearance: A pristine, colorless liquid.


Molecular Weight: 90.12 g/mol
Density: 0.83 g/cm³
Viscosity: 0.77 N m²/s
Boiling Point: Approx. 120°C

Our Advantages

State-of-the-art Infrastructure: Housing some of the most sophisticated production setups.
Global Footprint: A ubiquitous presence across 50+ countries.
Skilled Task Force: A perfect amalgamation of experience and innovation.

Production Capacity
Boasting of multiple production facilities, Kolkata Chemicals has a staggering annual output of over 60,000 metric tons.

Quality Control
Quality isn’t just a metric; it’s a pledge. With rigorous QC protocols, Kolkata Chemicals ensures excellence at every production stage.

Understanding that generic doesn’t cater to everyone, we offer tailor-made solutions, meeting the unique demands of each client.

Company Info
Starting as a modest venture three decades ago, today, Kolkata Chemicals stands as a leviathan in PGEs manufacturing, a testimony to its unwavering commitment and vision.

Reflecting the premium quality, the packing ranges from specialized drums to massive ISO tanks, ensuring product integrity during transit.

Physical Properties
Melting Point: -95°C
Flash Point: Circa 40°C
Solubility: Highly amicable with various organic solvents.
For optimal longevity, the product should be stored in cool, arid conditions, away from the direct onslaught of sunlight.

Quality Inspection
Each batch, without exception, undergoes a stringent inspection, mirroring the company’s no-compromise stance on quality.

Plant Area
Spanning a whopping 200,000 square meters, the sprawling facility is an epitome of efficiency and capacity.

Terms of Payment & Quotation
With a client-first approach, the company offers flexible payment avenues and competitive pricing. Reach out for bespoke quotations.

Nearest Port
Kolkata Port – ensuring swift and timely consignments.

Import & Export Mode
While sea transport, leveraging Kolkata’s port supremacy, is predominant, for expedited consignments, air freight remains an option.

Global Reach
Beyond the Indian shores, Kolkata Chemicals is a revered name in many global metropolises. From the dunes of Riyadh, the skyscrapers of New York to the bazaars of Istanbul, the brand is omnipresent. Key supply cities include:

Asia: Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, Bangkok, Beijing
Europe: London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid
Middle East: Dubai, Doha, Beirut, Muscat
North America: Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Toronto

Kolkata Chemicals, in its journey, hasn’t just produced chemicals; it has synthesized trust, reliability, and unparalleled quality. Its legacy isn’t merely in the sprawling facilities or the PGEs it produces; it’s etched in the relationships built, the benchmarks established, and the continuous innovations it brings to the table. When you think of Propylene Glycol Ethers in India and beyond, only one name should resonate – Kolkata Chemicals.

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