Kolkata Chemicals: Leading the Global Frontier in Polyethylene Naphthalate Production

Kolkata Chemicals: Leading the Global Frontier in Polyethylene Naphthalate Production


In the historical city of Kolkata, often referred to as the ‘Cultural Capital of India’, emerges a titan in the chemical industry – Kolkata Chemicals. A manufacturer, supplier, and distributor par excellence, this organization has redefined the standards of Polyethylene Naphthalate (PEN) production not just in India, but across the world.


  • CAS NO: PEN, a unique and highly sought-after polymer, is identified universally by the CAS number 10472-24-9.
  • Formula: Representing the molecular intricacy of this polymer is its formula (C10H8O4)n.
  • Product Description: Polyethylene Naphthalate, a distinguished polymer celebrated for its unrivaled thermal, mechanical, and barrier properties, has been the flagship product of Kolkata Chemicals for years.
  • Usage: PEN’s multifaceted advantages make it indispensable in a range of sectors.
  • Application: Whether it’s electronics, advanced packaging, or even high-tech fabrics, PEN’s footprint is undeniable.

Product Parameters:

  • Grade Standard: Offering multiple grades, Kolkata Chemicals ensures PEN’s applications are limitless.
  • Certification: Reflecting its global ambitions, the company’s PEN is certified by leading international bodies.
  • Purity: Crafted with precision, the purity of our PEN is unmatched.
  • Appearance: The signature clarity and quality of PEN is a testament to Kolkata Chemicals’ commitment.


With state-of-the-art machinery and R&D, every batch of PEN produced meets global standards, ensuring consistency and reliability.

Our Advantages:

Nestled in Kolkata, the firm enjoys a strategic location, a vast network of resources, and an insight into global market trends. This unparalleled combination has made it a leader in PEN production.

Production Capacity:

Backed by vast facilities, Kolkata Chemicals can cater to the escalating demand for PEN both domestically and internationally.

Quality Control:

Each PEN batch undergoes meticulous scrutiny, ensuring it adheres to both national and global quality benchmarks.


Understanding unique client needs, Kolkata Chemicals offers bespoke PEN solutions, a blend of innovation and utility.

Company Info:

Kolkata Chemicals is not just a company; it’s a legacy, a legacy of excellence, innovation, and global aspirations in the realm of chemical manufacturing.


Ensuring the pristine quality of PEN is preserved, Kolkata Chemicals employs advanced packing solutions, setting industry standards.


  • Density: Testament to its robust nature.
  • Melting Point: A clear indicator of PEN’s resilience against varying temperatures.
  • Boiling Point: Distinctive, based on specific grades and tailored properties.


Sophisticated storage facilities ensure the inherent properties of PEN are retained, irrespective of time or climatic challenges.


An integral step, each PEN consignment undergoes rigorous quality inspection before it reaches clients.

Plant Area:

Sprawling across vast tracts on the outskirts of Kolkata, the plant is a blend of traditional values and modern technology.

Terms of Payment or Quotation & Payment:

Transparent, efficient, and global-friendly payment modalities emphasize the company’s client-first approach.

Nearest Port:

Kolkata Port, one of India’s most strategic and historic ports, ensures the company’s seamless connectivity to global markets.

Import & Export Mode:

Expertise in both imports and exports ensures Kolkata Chemicals’ PEN resonates in markets worldwide.

Global Presence:

From Dubai to London, New York to Singapore, Kolkata Chemicals’ PEN has made its mark, establishing the company as a global leader.


Kolkata Chemicals is more than just a brand; it’s a promise. A promise of unmatched quality, innovation, and reliability. Located in the heart of Kolkata, it embodies the spirit of the city – a blend of tradition and modernity. As we traverse the journey of this iconic company in the world of Polyethylene Naphthalate, we realize it’s not just about manufacturing a product. It’s about crafting a legacy, a legacy that is representative of India’s industrial might and global ambitions. In the corridors of Kolkata Chemicals, one can hear the whispers of dedication, the chants of innovation, and the roars of global leadership.

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