Kolkata Chemical’s Diethylene Glycol: A Gem in India’s Chemical Crown

Kolkata Chemical’s Diethylene Glycol: A Gem in India’s Chemical Crown


The City of Joy, Kolkata, is a harmonious blend of the past and the future, where tradition and innovation walk hand in hand. Kolkata Chemicals brings this ethos into the realm of the chemical industry. In the expansive sea of chemical manufacturing, Kolkata Chemical emerges as a beacon, leading as an eminent supplier, manufacturer, and distributor of Diethylene Glycol, serving both India and the world.

CAS NO: 111-46-6

Formula: C4H10O3

Product Description:

Diethylene Glycol, a compound arising from Ethylene Glycol, manifests as a colourless, nearly odourless liquid. This chemical, though inconspicuous in appearance, plays an integral role across a range of industries. Its vast applications underline its immense versatility in the chemical cosmos.

Usage and Application:

  • Pivotal Solvent: Diethylene Glycol’s solvent capabilities are utilized in industries ranging from inks, resins, to adhesives.
  • Coolant & Heat Transfer Agent: With its high boiling and low freezing points, it becomes an indispensable part of various cooling systems.
  • Dehydration Dynamo: Due to its hygroscopic nature, it is commonly used in natural gas processing plants.

Product Parameters:

  • Grade Standard: Kolkata Chemical offers a spectrum from industrial to specialized high-purity grades.
  • Certification: ISO certified, ensuring adherence to international standards.
  • Purity: A hallmark of quality, the compound boasts a purity level above 99%.
  • Appearance: Its pristine, clear liquid form testifies to its unmatched quality.

Our Advantages:

  1. Geographical Leverage: Located in the heart of Kolkata, we enjoy the advantages of a strategic location.
  2. Global Reach: From the dynamic markets of Dubai, Riyadh to the urban sprawls of Tokyo and Los Angeles, our products touch lives across continents.
  3. Unwavering Commitment to R&D: Our core belief in innovation has made us a front runner in the chemical industry.

Production Capacity: Harnessing state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled expertise, we offer a production magnitude that caters to demands across the globe.

Quality Control: Our belief is that quality is non-negotiable. Every batch is a testament to our commitment to this creed.

Customization: Recognizing the diverse needs of industries, we offer tailor-made solutions.

Company Info:

Kolkata Chemical is not merely a company; it’s a movement. A movement that began in the bustling lanes of Kolkata and has now found its way into the global chemical map. Every molecule of Diethylene Glycol encapsulates a story—a story of dedication, perseverance, and a dream.

Packing: Each package, designed as per international standards, ensures that the product remains uncompromised, regardless of distance.

Physical Properties:

  • Density: 1.118 g/cm³
  • Boiling Point: 245 °C
  • Miscibility: Showcases excellent solubility in both water and many organic solvents.

Storage: Advocating best practices, we recommend cool, dry environments for storage to optimize shelf-life.

Quality Inspection:

Quality, for Kolkata Chemical, is a commitment—a commitment that’s ensured by our dedicated quality control teams and world-class laboratories.

Plant Area: Spread across sprawling acres, our plant stands as a symbol of our massive production capabilities.

Terms of Payment: We offer a wide spectrum of payment channels, from traditional to electronic, all aimed at client convenience.

Nearest Port: Positioned close to the ports of Kolkata, logistics is streamlined and efficient.

Import & Export Mode: With a wide array of trade operations from FOB to CIF, we guarantee smooth global operations.


Kolkata Chemical’s journey with Diethylene Glycol is not just about chemistry; it’s an art, a commitment, and a legacy. Situated in Kolkata, this enterprise has grown its roots deep, not only in Indian soil but across international terrains. From the vibrant streets of Kolkata to the skyscrapers of New York and the souks of Dubai, Kolkata Chemical stands tall and proud. Beyond the chemical, beyond commerce, lies a story—a story of ambition, vision, and an undying commitment to excellence. The story of Kolkata Chemical is a testament to India’s thriving potential in the global chemical industry.


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