Kolkata Chemicals: A Vanguard in Hydrochloric Acid Supply Chain in India

Kolkata Chemicals: A Vanguard in Hydrochloric Acid Supply Chain in India

Situated along the eastern banks of the Hooghly River lies Kolkata, the cultural capital of India. From this heartland emerged Kolkata Chemicals, a trailblazer in the chemical industry and a force to be reckoned with in the domain of Hydrochloric Acid manufacturing, supplying, and distribution, not just within India, but echoing its prowess across the Middle East and myriad paramount cities globally.

CAS Number: 7647-01-0
Chemical Formula: HCl

Product Description

Kolkata Chemicals takes pride in producing Hydrochloric Acid of the highest caliber. This aqueous solution, bearing testimony to the unison of hydrogen and chlorine, is crafted under stringent conditions, backed by groundbreaking technology ensuring a product par excellence.

Usage and Application

Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is a strong, corrosive acid with numerous applications across various sectors. Here are extensive details about its uses in different industries:

  1. Chemical Manufacturing:
    • Basic Chemical: Hydrochloric acid is a fundamental chemical used as a raw material in the production of a wide range of chemical compounds, including chlorine, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and various pharmaceuticals.
    • pH Control: It is commonly used to adjust the pH of chemical processes and reactions.
  2. Metallurgy:
    • Metal Cleaning: HCl is employed for pickling and cleaning metals like steel and iron to remove rust, scale, and contaminants before further processing.
    • Ore Processing: In the mining industry, hydrochloric acid is used to leach and purify ores, particularly in the production of titanium and tantalum.
  3. Food Industry:
    • Acidulant: It is used as an acidulant and pH regulator in food processing. HCl is used to adjust the acidity of some foods and to control the pH of products like fruit juices.
    • Corn Syrup Production: HCl is used in the production of high-fructose corn syrup, a common sweetener in the food industry.
  4. Water Treatment:
    • pH Adjustment: Hydrochloric acid is used in water treatment to adjust the pH of drinking water and wastewater.
    • Iron and Corrosion Control: It can be employed to remove iron and control corrosion in water systems.
  5. Oil and Gas Industry:
    • Well Acidizing: HCl is used for well acidizing in the oil and gas sector to improve the flow of hydrocarbons from underground reservoirs.
    • Hydraulic Fracturing: It can be used in hydraulic fracturing fluids to stimulate the release of natural gas or oil from shale formations.
  6. Chemical Analysis and Laboratories:
    • Analytical Reagent: HCl is used as a reagent in laboratories for various chemical analyses, including acid-base titrations.
    • Sample Digestion: It is used in sample preparation to digest and dissolve various materials for elemental analysis.
  7. Construction Industry:
    • Concrete Cleaning: In construction, hydrochloric acid is used to clean and etch concrete surfaces before painting or sealing.
    • Masonry Cleaning: It can be used for cleaning bricks and masonry surfaces.
  8. Textile Industry:
    • Textile Printing: Hydrochloric acid is used in textile printing processes, helping to fix dyes on fabrics.
  9. Pharmaceuticals:
    • Chemical Synthesis: It is used in the synthesis of certain pharmaceutical intermediates and in the manufacture of some medications.
    • Laboratory Research: HCl is used in pharmaceutical laboratories for various research and testing purposes.
  10. Automotive Industry:
    • Battery Manufacturing: It is used in the preparation of electrolyte solutions for lead-acid batteries.
  11. Environmental Control:
    • Emissions Control: In some industries, hydrochloric acid is used to scrub and neutralize harmful acidic gases before release into the atmosphere.
    • Waste Treatment: It can be used for neutralizing hazardous wastes.
  12. Cleaning and Descaling:
    • Boiler Cleaning: HCl is used for cleaning and descaling boilers and industrial equipment.
    • Metal Surface Cleaning: It is employed for cleaning and degreasing metal surfaces in various industrial processes.
  13. Rubber Industry:
    • Latex Coagulation: Hydrochloric acid is used in the coagulation of latex to form rubber.
  14. Mining Industry:
    • pH Regulation: It is used to regulate the pH of solutions in mineral processing, particularly in flotation processes.
  15. Leather Industry:
    • Tanning: In some leather tanning processes, HCl is used for adjusting pH and treating hides.

Hydrochloric acid’s versatility and reactivity make it a vital component in numerous industrial processes. However, its handling and storage require strict safety precautions due to its corrosive and potentially hazardous nature. Regulations and safety guidelines must be adhered to when using hydrochloric acid in any application.

Product Parameters

Grade Standard: From the rudimentary Industrial Grade to the elite Pharma Grade, Kolkata Chemicals caters to all.
Certification: Accredited with top-notch international quality certifications.
Purity: Usually at 37% w/w concentration, reflecting the industry’s pinnacle.
Appearance: A transparent to pale yellow fluid, clear in essence.


  • Density: 1.18 g/cm^3
  • Boiling Point: -85°C
  • Melting Point: -114°C

Our Advantages

  1. Geographical Edge: Strategically based in Kolkata, bridging the logistical divide.
  2. Technological Supremacy: A beacon of technological advancement in chemical production.
  3. Proficient Team: A cadre of experts steering the ship with deftness.
  4. Global Footprint: A presence spanning from Dubai’s grandeur, Riyadh’s expanse, Cairo’s history, to Tokyo’s modernity.

Production Capacity

Kolkata Chemicals boasts a mammoth manufacturing facility. This behemoth ensures an unbroken supply chain, satisfying global demands relentlessly.

Quality Control

The essence of Kolkata Chemicals lies in its unwavering commitment to quality. Each product batch undergoes scrupulous testing in avant-garde labs, promising consistency and unadulterated purity.


Kolkata Chemicals champions bespoke solutions. With a customer-first approach, it provides solutions tailored impeccably to unique industry requisites.

Company Info

Emerging from the historical tapestry of Kolkata, Kolkata Chemicals, over the decades, has burgeoned into an emblem of trust and unblemished quality in the chemical cosmos.


To ensure the product’s sanctity and uphold the clarion call for environmental sustainability, Kolkata Chemicals employs robust and eco-compliant packaging mechanisms.


  • Odor: Pungent and sharp.
  • Solubility: Exhibits high solubility in water.


Storage solutions emphasize corrosion resistance, ensuring product longevity and unaltered quality.


A dedicated battalion of chemical savants undertakes the meticulous inspection of each batch, further underpinning the brand’s stature of excellence.

Plant Area

Nestled in the expansive industrial arena of Kolkata, the Kolkata Chemicals’ plant is a synthesis of modern architecture and optimized functional design.

Terms of Payment & Quotation

Endorsing enduring alliances, Kolkata Chemicals offers an array of flexible payment methodologies alongside the industry’s most competitive price brackets.

Nearest Port

Kolkata Port, India’s oldest operational port, is in propinquity, ensuring rapid and efficient cargo movements.

Import & Export Mode

Kolkata Chemicals’ realm isn’t just limited to India. Its presence reverberates from Istanbul’s bazaars, London’s thoroughfares, Sydney’s harbors, to New York’s skyscrapers.

Kolkata Chemicals isn’t just a corporate entity; it’s an odyssey. As Kolkata surges forward, intertwining its rich history with modern aspirations, Kolkata Chemicals stands tall, setting industry benchmarks, forging ahead with an unyielding commitment to quality, innovation, and a sustainable future. With Kolkata Chemicals, it’s not just about world-class chemicals; it’s about envisioning and sculpting a luminous, cleaner tomorrow for posterity.

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