Kolkata Chemical: Your Trusted Potassium Sulfate Supplier, Manufacturer, and Distributor in India

Kolkata Chemical: Your Trusted Potassium Sulfate Supplier, Manufacturer, and Distributor in India

Welcome to Kolkata Chemical, your reliable partner for high-quality potassium sulfate products in India. As a leading supplier, manufacturer, and distributor, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of potassium sulfate compounds that cater to various industries. With a commitment to excellence, we supply our products not only to Kolkata but also to top cities across the Middle East and around the world.

Product Description: At Kolkata Chemical, we provide a wide range of potassium sulfate compounds that are manufactured with precision and adhere to stringent quality standards. Our potassium sulfate is produced using advanced processes to ensure consistent purity and reliability. We prioritize delivering products that meet the diverse requirements of our valued customers.

CAS NO: Potassium Sulfate: CAS No. 7778-80-5

Formula: Potassium Sulfate: K2SO4

Usage and Application:

Calcium phosphate refers to a family of compounds composed of calcium ions (Ca2+) and phosphate ions (PO43-). These compounds have various applications and uses across different sectors, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, cosmetics, and more. Here is an extensive exploration of the applications and uses of calcium phosphate in different sectors:

  1. Food and Beverage Industry:
    • Food Additive: Calcium phosphate is used as a food additive, primarily as a calcium supplement and a source of phosphate. It is added to dairy products, baked goods, beverages, and nutritional supplements to fortify them with essential minerals.
    • pH Regulator: Calcium phosphate is employed as a pH regulator in food and beverage products to control acidity and improve stability.
  2. Pharmaceuticals and Dietary Supplements:
    • Calcium Supplement: Calcium phosphate is used in the formulation of calcium supplements, providing a bioavailable source of calcium for the prevention and treatment of calcium deficiencies and osteoporosis.
    • Excipient: It is utilized as an excipient in pharmaceutical tablets and capsules to provide bulk, aid in the manufacturing process, and improve the compressibility of the final product.
    • Binder: Calcium phosphate can act as a binder in pharmaceutical formulations, helping to hold the tablet ingredients together.
    • Antacid: Certain forms of calcium phosphate, such as calcium carbonate phosphate, are used as antacids to relieve symptoms of heartburn and acid indigestion.
  3. Agriculture and Animal Feed:
    • Fertilizer: Calcium phosphate is used as a source of calcium and phosphorus in agricultural fertilizers to enhance soil fertility and promote plant growth. It is especially beneficial for crops with high calcium and phosphorus requirements, such as fruits, vegetables, and legumes.
    • Animal Feed Supplement: It is added to animal feed, particularly for poultry and livestock, to meet their calcium and phosphorus nutritional needs for healthy bone development and eggshell formation.
  4. Water Treatment:
    • Coagulant: Calcium phosphate is used as a coagulant in water treatment processes, such as wastewater treatment and drinking water purification, to remove impurities, suspended particles, and turbidity.
    • Phosphate Removal: It can be employed as a phosphate removal agent in water treatment systems to mitigate eutrophication and prevent excessive algae growth.
  5. Cosmetics and Personal Care Products:
    • Toothpaste and Oral Care Products: Calcium phosphate is used in toothpaste formulations to aid in remineralizing tooth enamel, strengthening teeth, and preventing tooth decay.
    • Skincare Products: It is employed in cosmetics and skincare products for its ability to enhance skin health, improve moisture retention, and act as a gentle exfoliant.
  6. Biomedical Applications:
    • Bone Grafts and Implants: Calcium phosphate compounds, such as hydroxyapatite, are used in orthopedic and dental applications as bone grafts and implant materials due to their biocompatibility and ability to promote bone regeneration.
    • Drug Delivery Systems: Calcium phosphate nanoparticles and microparticles are investigated for their potential as drug delivery carriers, allowing controlled release and targeted delivery of therapeutic agents.
  7. Industrial Applications:
    • Ceramic and Glass Production: Calcium phosphate is used as a fluxing agent in ceramic and glass production to lower the melting point, improve workability, and enhance the physical properties of the final products.
    • Flame Retardant: Certain forms of calcium phosphate, such as tricalcium phosphate, are utilized as flame retardants in plastics, textiles, and other materials to reduce the risk of fire.
  8. Biogas Production:
    • Calcium phosphate can be used as a nutrient source in anaerobic digestion processes for the production of biogas from organic waste materials.

These applications and uses of calcium phosphate highlight its significance in various sectors, where it contributes to food fortification, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, water treatment, cosmetics, and a wide range of industrial applications.

Brand Name: RXSOL

Specifications: For detailed specifications and technical information regarding our potassium sulfate products, please visit our official website or contact our knowledgeable sales representatives.

Our Advantages:

  1. High-Quality Products: We prioritize stringent quality control measures to ensure the purity and consistency of our potassium sulfate compounds.
  2. Diverse Applications: Our products cater to various industries, providing solutions for agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and industrial sectors.
  3. Nationwide and International Supply: Kolkata Chemical supplies potassium sulfate to top cities in India, the Middle East, and worldwide, ensuring timely and reliable deliveries.
  4. Customer-Centric Approach: We are committed to customer satisfaction, offering personalized solutions and excellent after-sales support.
  5. Industry Expertise: With extensive experience in the chemical industry, we possess the expertise to meet your specific requirements.

Company Info: Kolkata Chemical is a leading chemical manufacturer and supplier based in Kolkata, India. We have built a strong reputation by maintaining high-quality standards, fostering innovation, and prioritizing customer satisfaction. Our continuous investment in research and development allows us to expand our product range and comply with international standards.

Packing: Our potassium sulfate products are carefully packed to preserve their quality during transportation. We offer various packaging options, such as bags, drums, or as per customer requirements.

Plant Area: Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Kolkata, India. It is equipped with advanced infrastructure and production capabilities to meet the growing demand for potassium sulfate products.

Terms of Payment: We offer flexible payment terms to facilitate seamless transactions. Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific payment requirements.

Nearest Port: Kolkata Chemical operates with multiple ports for import and export. Please contact our logistics team for detailed information on the nearest port to your location.

Import & Export Mode: Kolkata Chemical operates in both import and export modes, enabling us to efficiently serve customers worldwide.

Kolkata Chemical stands as a trusted supplier, manufacturer, and distributor of potassium sulfate compounds in India. Our dedication to quality, diverse applications, and customer-centric approach make us the preferred choice for industries in Kolkata and beyond. Experience the reliability and excellence of Kolkata Chemical by choosing our high-quality potassium sulfate products for your specific needs.


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