Kolkata Chemical: Your Trusted Iron(III) Chloride Supplier in India

Kolkata Chemical: Your Trusted Iron(III) Chloride Supplier in India

 Kolkata Chemical is a renowned name in the chemical industry, specializing in the manufacturing, distribution, and supply of Iron(III) chloride in India. With a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a reliable source of Iron(III) chloride. 

Product Details: CAS No: 7705-08-0 Formula: FeCl3 Grade Standard: Industrial Grade Certification: ISO 9001:2015 Purity: 98% Appearance: Dark brown crystalline solid

Product Description: Iron(III) chloride, also known as ferric chloride, is a versatile chemical compound widely used in various industries. Our Iron(III) chloride product is manufactured using advanced processes to ensure high purity and consistent quality. It appears as a dark brown crystalline solid with a distinct odor.

Applications and Usage: 

Iron(III) chloride, also known as ferric chloride, is an inorganic compound with various applications and uses across different sectors. It is commonly encountered in both solid and liquid forms, and its chemical formula is FeCl3. Here is an extensive exploration of the applications and uses of iron(III) chloride in different sectors:

  1. Water Treatment:
    • Coagulant: Iron(III) chloride is widely used as a coagulant in water and wastewater treatment processes. It helps in the removal of impurities, such as suspended solids, organic matter, and certain heavy metals, by facilitating their precipitation and subsequent filtration.
    • Phosphorus Removal: It can be employed to remove phosphorus from water bodies, especially in the treatment of wastewater and effluents, reducing the risk of eutrophication and water pollution.
  2. Metal Etching and Surface Treatment:
    • Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs): Iron(III) chloride is commonly used in the production of PCBs for etching copper-clad substrates. It selectively removes the exposed copper, creating the desired circuitry patterns.
    • Metal Finishing: It is utilized for etching and surface preparation of various metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, and brass, in industries such as electronics, automotive, and metal fabrication.
  3. Pigments and Dyes:
    • Ink Production: Iron(III) chloride is used in the production of inks, particularly black and blue inks. It acts as a colorant and helps to stabilize the pigment dispersion.
    • Textile Dyeing: It can be employed as a mordant in textile dyeing processes, assisting in the fixation of dyes onto the fabric and enhancing color fastness.
  4. Pharmaceuticals:
    • Hemostatic Agent: Iron(III) chloride is used in medical settings as a hemostatic agent, helping to control bleeding during surgical procedures and wound management.
    • Iron Supplement: It can be utilized as a source of iron in certain pharmaceutical formulations, including iron supplements and treatments for iron-deficiency anemia.
  5. Laboratory and Chemical Industry:
    • Catalyst: Iron(III) chloride serves as a catalyst in various chemical reactions, including the production of organic compounds, such as pharmaceutical intermediates, dyes, and fragrances.
    • Chlorination Reagent: It can be used as a chlorinating agent in organic synthesis, facilitating the conversion of certain functional groups.
  6. Electronics and Semiconductor Industry:
    • Etching and Cleaning: Iron(III) chloride is employed for etching copper traces on electronic components and printed circuit boards, as well as for cleaning metal surfaces prior to semiconductor device manufacturing.
    • PCB Manufacturing: It is used in the production of PCBs as an etchant to remove unwanted copper and create circuit patterns.
  7. Wood Preservative:
    • Iron(III) chloride can be used as a wood preservative to protect against decay, rot, and insect infestation. It penetrates the wood fibers, forming a protective barrier.
  8. Analytical Chemistry:
    • Iron(III) chloride is utilized as a reagent for various chemical tests and analysis methods, including the detection of phenols, thiocyanates, and the determination of phosphorus content.

These applications and uses of iron(III) chloride demonstrate its significance in different sectors, where it contributes to water treatment, metal etching, pigments and dyes, pharmaceuticals, laboratory processes, electronics manufacturing, wood preservation, and analytical chemistry.

Product Parameters:

  • Molecular Weight: 162.21 g/mol
  • Melting Point: 306 °C
  • Boiling Point: 315 °C
  • Solubility: Soluble in water and ethanol

Our Advantages:

  1. Superior Quality Standards: We adhere to stringent quality control measures to ensure our Iron(III) chloride meets the highest industry standards.
  2. Timely Delivery: With an efficient distribution network, we ensure prompt and reliable delivery to customers across the globe.
  3. Customization: We offer tailored solutions to meet specific requirements, including packaging and formulation modifications.
  4. Technical Support: Our team of experts provides comprehensive technical assistance and guidance to ensure optimal product utilization.

Company Info: Kolkata Chemical is a reputable chemical supplier based in India. With our vast industry experience, we cater to customers across the Middle East and other top cities worldwide. Our unwavering commitment to reliability, quality, and customer-centric services has earned us a solid reputation in the industry.

Packing and Shipping:

  • Packaging: Our Iron(III) chloride is available in various packaging options, including 25 kg bags, drums, or as per customer requirements.
  • Plant Area: Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility adheres to international safety and quality standards, ensuring superior products.

Terms of Payment: We offer flexible payment options, including bank transfers and letter of credit (L/C), providing convenience and security in transactions.

Nearest Port: Located strategically, we have easy access to major ports, facilitating efficient shipment. Some of the cities we supply to across the Middle East and the world include Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Rotterdam, and Istanbul.

Import & Export Mode: Kolkata Chemical operates in both import and export modes, enabling us to serve the diverse needs of our global clientele.

 Kolkata Chemical is your trusted source for high-quality Iron(III) chloride in India. With our commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we ensure that your chemical requirements are met efficiently. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and experience the Kolkata Chemical difference.



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