Kolkata Chemical: Your Trusted Barium Bromide Supplier in India

Kolkata Chemical: Your Trusted Barium Bromide Supplier in India


When it comes to sourcing high-quality chemicals in India, Kolkata Chemical stands as a reliable supplier, manufacturer, and distributor of Barium Bromide. 

Product Details: CAS NO: 10553-31-8 Formula: BaBr2 Product Description: Barium Bromide, a white crystalline powder, is an inorganic compound composed of barium and bromine. With its unique properties, it finds versatile applications across various industries.

Usage and Applications: Barium Bromide serves numerous industries, including:

  1. Chemical Manufacturing: It acts as a catalyst in various chemical reactions.
  2. Pharmaceuticals: Barium Bromide is used in the production of specific medications.
  3. Electronics: It plays a crucial role in the manufacturing of electronic components.
  4. Oil and Gas: Barium Bromide acts as a corrosion inhibitor in the oil and gas industry.

Product Parameters:

  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
  • Certification: ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Purity: ≥ 99%
  • Appearance: White crystalline powder
  • Specifications: Available in different mesh sizes to meet specific customer requirements

Our Advantages:

  1. Superior Quality: Kolkata Chemical prioritizes stringent quality control measures at every stage of production to ensure the delivery of high-grade Barium Bromide that meets international standards.
  2. Diverse Product Range: We offer a comprehensive range of chemical products to cater to the diverse needs of industries.
  3. Global Supply: In addition to serving customers in India, we supply Barium Bromide to top cities across the Middle East and around the world. Some of these cities include Dubai, Riyadh, Doha, Kuwait City, London, New York, and more.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: We value our customers and strive to provide exceptional service, prompt delivery, and customized solutions tailored to their specific requirements.
  5. Technical Expertise: Our team of experienced professionals possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in the chemical industry, ensuring comprehensive support and guidance.

Company Information: Kolkata Chemical is a trusted name in the chemical industry, renowned for its reliability, product quality, and customer-centric approach. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a robust distribution network, we have established ourselves as a leading supplier of chemicals, serving clients across India and beyond.


  • Standard Packing: 25 kg bags or as per customer requirements
  • Special Packaging: Customized options available upon request

Plant Area: Our advanced manufacturing facility in Kolkata spans a considerable area. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, it adheres to stringent safety and environmental regulations.

Terms of Payment: We offer flexible payment terms to ensure convenience for our clients. Details can be discussed during the order process.

Nearest Port: Located in Kolkata, our operations benefit from the proximity to the Port of Kolkata, facilitating efficient logistics and timely delivery.

Import & Export Mode: We operate in both import and export modes, fostering seamless trade partnerships with global clients.

 Kolkata Chemical is your trusted supplier, manufacturer, and distributor of Barium Bromide in India. With a commitment to quality, a diverse product range, and a strong presence across the Middle East and major global cities, we are your reliable partner in chemical sourcing. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and experience the excellence of Kolkata Chemical.



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