Kolkata Chemical: Your Reliable Sodium Metaborate Source in Kolkata, India

Kolkata Chemical: Your Reliable Sodium Metaborate Source in Kolkata, India


When it comes to chemicals, Sodium Metaborate plays a crucial role in various industries. In this article, we’ll explore Kolkata Chemical, a trusted and reliable supplier in Kolkata, India, specializing in Sodium Metaborate. From its properties and applications to certifications and advantages, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Sodium Metaborate from Kolkata Chemical.

 At Kolkata Chemical, we take immense pride in offering high-quality Sodium Metaborate, a versatile compound with numerous applications. Our Sodium Metaborate stands out for its excellent stability, non-toxic nature, and remarkable performance, making it an ideal choice for various industries.

Chemical Properties:

  • CAS Number: [7775-19-1]
  • Chemical Formula: NaBO2

Applications: Sodium Metaborate, available at Kolkata Chemical, finds extensive use in several industries, including:

  1. Glass Manufacturing: Sodium Metaborate acts as a fluxing and refining agent in glass production, ensuring the removal of impurities.
  2. Ceramics: It serves as a fluxing agent in ceramics manufacturing, lowering the melting point and enhancing flow properties.
  3. Metallurgy: Sodium Metaborate is employed as a fluxing agent and deoxidizer in metallurgical processes, facilitating metal cleaning and welding.
  4. Chemical Industry: It finds application in the production of various chemicals, including borax and boric acid.
  5. Detergents and Cleaning Agents: Sodium Metaborate enhances the cleaning efficiency and stain removal capabilities of detergents.
  6. Pharmaceutical Industry: It serves as a buffering agent in certain pharmaceutical preparations.

Product Specifications:

  • Grade Standard: Kolkata Chemical offers Sodium Metaborate in different grades, catering to various industry requirements.
  • Certification: Our Sodium Metaborate is accompanied by necessary quality certifications, ensuring compliance with industry standards.
  • Purity: Kolkata Chemical provides Sodium Metaborate with high purity levels, guaranteeing superior performance.
  • Appearance: The compound is a white crystalline powder with a consistent texture.

Advantages of Choosing Kolkata Chemical:

  1. Reliable Supplier: Kolkata Chemical is a trusted supplier in the chemical industry, known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
  2. Extensive Market Presence: We serve customers not only in Kolkata but also across India, offering reliable and timely delivery.
  3. Customized Solutions: Kolkata Chemical provides tailored packaging and product options to meet specific customer requirements.
  4. Industry Expertise: With our vast experience, we possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in Sodium Metaborate and other chemicals.

 Kolkata Chemical stands out as a reliable source of Sodium Metaborate in Kolkata, India. With our high-quality products, extensive market presence, and customized solutions, we strive to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Choose Kolkata Chemical as your trusted partner for Sodium Metaborate, and experience our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.



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