Kolkata Chemical: The Vanguard of Ammonium Nitrate Supply in India

Kolkata Chemical: The Vanguard of Ammonium Nitrate Supply in India

In the vibrant city of Kolkata, often hailed as India’s cultural capital, lies an industrial gem – Kolkata Chemical. As one of the nation’s leading chemical manufacturing hubs, the company stands as a testament to the city’s blend of tradition and innovation. With its remarkable expertise in ammonium nitrate production, Kolkata Chemical is not only a beacon of excellence within India but also a significant player on the global stage.

CAS Number (CAS NO)

The distinct identity of ammonium nitrate is characterized by its CAS Number: 6484-52-2.


Ammonium nitrate, in its molecular essence, is captured by the formula NH₄NO₃.

Product Description

A crystalline substance of a pure white hue, ammonium nitrate is synonymous with nitrogen-rich potential. Its versatility extends across industries, marking it as a compound of paramount importance.

Usage & Application

  1. Agriculture: It plays an instrumental role as a nitrogenous fertilizer.
  2. Explosives: Vital for industries like mining.
  3. Cooling Agent: Used in certain niche applications for its endothermic properties.

Product Parameters

Grade Standard: Industrial, agricultural, and specialty grades to cater to a spectrum of demands.

Certification: Proudly adorned with an array of international and national certifications.

Purity: A stellar 99%, a benchmark set by Kolkata Chemical’s dedication.

Appearance: The quintessential white granular or prilled form.


Kolkata Chemical’s ammonium nitrate complies with the most stringent of international specifications, a hallmark of its commitment to quality.

Our Advantages

  1. Worldwide Reach: From the deserts of Dubai to the skyscrapers of New York, and from the bazaars of Istanbul to the shores of Sydney.
  2. Technological Excellence: A seamless blend of traditional expertise and cutting-edge tech.
  3. Sustainable Practices: Eco-centric methods driving the future.
  4. Dedicated Customer Service: Cultivating global relationships with an Indian touch.

Production Capacity

Equipped with sprawling facilities, the company boasts a production capability that resonates with global demand.

Quality Control

An unyielding quality regime ensures that only the best reaches the clientele.


Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all, Kolkata Chemical thrives on tailoring solutions.

Company Info

Over the years, Kolkata Chemical has burgeoned into a conglomerate, yet it retains its core values and commitment to excellence, resonating with the ethos of the City of Joy.


Precision in packaging ensures that the quality is preserved, irrespective of the distance traversed.

Physical Properties

The ammonium nitrate from Kolkata Chemical is consistently of high calibre, reflecting its superior physical attributes.


State-of-the-art storage facilities champion product preservation, emphasizing longevity and efficacy.

Quality Inspection

A relentless inspection regimen ensures that the signature Kolkata Chemical standard is upheld in every batch.

Plant Area

Strategically located plants, in proximity to logistical nerve centers, embody efficiency and foresight.

Terms of Payment & Quotation

Transparent, flexible, and efficient, ensuring a harmonious business relationship.

Nearest Port

Kolkata’s iconic port, one of India’s major maritime gateways, facilitates the company’s robust import-export operations.

Import & Export Mode

A global network, augmented by state-of-the-art logistics, ensures a seamless supply chain.

Kolkata Chemical, in many ways, epitomizes the spirit of Kolkata – a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. As a beacon of the chemical industry, the firm not only underscores the city’s industrial might but also reflects its ethos of unwavering commitment, innovation, and the warmth of relationships. As the company continues its illustrious journey, it is poised to further etch its mark, not just in the annals of the chemical industry, but in the hearts of its global clientele. The legacy of Kolkata Chemical is not just in its products but in the stories it weaves, the lives it touches, and the global horizons it continues to explore.

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