Kolkata Chemical: The Titan of Peroxide Production in India

Kolkata Chemical: The Titan of Peroxide Production in India

The essence of an industry lies not just in the products it offers but in the promises it keeps. In the vast world of chemical supply, Kolkata Chemical is a beacon of excellence, particularly in the domain of Peroxide. Journey with us as we unveil the intricate tapestry of how Kolkata Chemical has become synonymous with premium quality Peroxide, from the heart of India to the bustling markets of the Middle East and major global cities.

Peroxide, with its vast applications, is a chemical that’s in perennial demand. Kolkata Chemical, rooted in tradition yet embracing modernity, has emerged as the pinnacle of Peroxide production and distribution in India.

CAS No: (Based on common hydrogen peroxide) 7722-84-1

Formula: H₂O₂


Peroxide is a versatile compound characterized by the presence of an oxygen-oxygen single bond. The most common type, hydrogen peroxide, finds widespread use due to its oxidizing properties.


  • Peroxides are a diverse class of compounds with a wide range of applications in various sectors due to their unique chemical properties. Here are extensive details about the applications and uses of peroxides in different sectors:

    1. Chemical Industry:

    • Bleaching Agents: Peroxides, such as hydrogen peroxide, are used as bleaching agents in the paper and textile industries to whiten and brighten materials.
    • Chemical Synthesis: They serve as reactants and oxidizing agents in chemical reactions, aiding in the production of various organic and inorganic compounds.

    2. Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals:

    • Disinfectants: Hydrogen peroxide is used as a disinfectant and antiseptic for cleaning wounds and sterilizing medical equipment.
    • Pharmaceutical Formulations: Peroxides are utilized in the production of pharmaceuticals, including creams and ointments.

    3. Environmental Applications:

    • Water Treatment: Peroxides are employed in wastewater treatment processes to remove organic contaminants and pathogens.
    • Soil Remediation: They are used in the remediation of contaminated soils to break down pollutants.

    4. Textile Industry:

    • Textile Bleaching: Peroxides play a significant role in the bleaching of textiles, ensuring the removal of stains and coloration.

    5. Food and Beverage Industry:

    • Food Processing: Peroxides are used as food additives and preservatives in the food industry to extend shelf life and maintain product quality.

    6. Agriculture:

    • Crop Protection: Peroxides can be used in agriculture as disinfectants and pesticides to protect crops from diseases and pests.

    7. Aerospace and Electronics:

    • Propellants: Peroxides are used as propellants in rockets and spacecraft due to their high reactivity.
    • Electronics Cleaning: They are employed in the electronics industry for cleaning and etching printed circuit boards.

    8. Energy and Power Generation:

    • Fuel Cell Technology: Hydrogen peroxide is used in fuel cell technology as an oxidizer for generating electricity.

    9. Personal Care and Cosmetics:

    • Hair Products: Peroxides are found in hair dyes and bleaching agents for hair color alteration.
    • Skin Care: They can be used in skincare products for their antimicrobial properties.

    10. Cleaning and Sanitization:

    • Household Cleaners: Peroxides are found in household cleaning products as disinfectants and stain removers.

    11. Mining Industry:

    • Ore Extraction: Peroxides can be used in the extraction of metals from ores through leaching processes.

    12. Research and Development:

    • Laboratory Applications: Peroxides are valuable reagents in chemical laboratories for various experiments and research studies.

    Peroxides are versatile compounds with applications spanning numerous sectors, from industry and healthcare to environmental remediation and agriculture. Their role as bleaching agents, disinfectants, and chemical reactants is integral to many processes and products we encounter in our daily lives. Researchers also rely on peroxides for their unique chemical properties in laboratory settings.


  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade, Cosmetic Grade.
  • Certification: ISO, HACCP, and globally renowned certifications.
  • Purity: We guarantee purity levels upwards of 99%.
  • Appearance: Colorless liquid.


  • Concentration: Available from 3% to 35% based on requirements.
  • Stability: Highly stable under prescribed conditions.


  • Legacy: Decades of experience in the chemical industry.
  • Worldwide Network: Serving cities like Cairo, Istanbul, Dubai, New York, London, and many more.
  • Innovation: Constant R&D to improve product quality and efficiency.


Our expansive manufacturing facilities enable us to produce Peroxide on a massive scale, ensuring timely delivery, always.


Our in-house labs, equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensure that every batch of Peroxide matches global standards.


From concentration levels to packaging, we offer customized solutions to cater to varied demands.


Kolkata Chemical, established in Kolkata, represents the zenith of India’s chemical manufacturing. Our legacy spans decades, driven by both passion and expertise.


Peroxide requires special packing to ensure safety and stability. We offer a range of packaging solutions compliant with international safety norms.


  • Boiling Point: 150.2°C (Hydrogen Peroxide, 20%)
  • Density: 1.135 g/cm³ at 25°C (for a 30% solution)


To be stored in cool, ventilated areas away from direct sunlight and any combustibles.


Every batch undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the set benchmarks.


Our plant, nestled in the prime industrial zone of Kolkata, is a confluence of tradition and technology.


Transparent pricing models and diverse payment channels for our global clientele.


Our strategic location ensures proximity to the Kolkata Port, allowing swift global shipments.


From air freights to sea shipments, we have a versatile export model to cater to global demands.

At the heart of Kolkata Chemical lies a promise – a promise of unparalleled quality, undying commitment, and unending innovation. When you think of Peroxide, think of Kolkata Chemical, where tradition meets technology, and promises meet perfection.

For collaborations, inquiries, and orders, please connect at kolkatachemical@gmail.com.


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