Kolkata Chemical: The Synthesis of Quality & Innovation in the Ethylene-Propylene Rubber Industry

Kolkata Chemical: The Synthesis of Quality & Innovation in the Ethylene-Propylene Rubber Industry

Amid the historical architecture and vibrant streets of Kolkata lies the epitome of excellence in the chemical industry – Kolkata Chemical. This renowned entity stands as a towering figure in the domain of Ethylene-Propylene Rubber (EPR) supply, manufacturing, and distribution in India.



The amalgamation of Ethylene (C2H4) and Propylene (C3H6) gives rise to this indispensable elastomer known as EPR.

Product Description

EPR, birthed from the union of ethylene and propylene, boasts unparalleled attributes such as heat resistance, electrical insulation, and resistance to cold. Kolkata Chemical, leveraging its deep-rooted expertise, has perfected the art of producing world-class EPR.

Usage and Application

  1. Automotive Sector: A staple for crafting seals, belts, and hoses.
  2. Building Industry: An essential for waterproofing and roofing undertakings.
  3. Electrical Domain: Favoured for its insulation properties, finding applications in cables.

Product Parameters

  • Grade Standard: Catering to a spectrum of industries from automotive to pharmaceutical.
  • Certification: Proud recipients of ISO certification and several other accolades.
  • Purity: Achieving pinnacle quality via stringent refinement processes.
  • Appearance: The epitome of consistency and superiority.


Chiseled as per international standards, encompassing aspects like tensile strength, resilience to temperature shifts, and elasticity.

Our Advantages

  1. Geographical Edge: Kolkata’s strategic positioning enables optimal logistics and distribution.
  2. Legacy of Excellence: Decades of innovations and achievements.
  3. Global Reach: Serving metropolises like Dubai, Paris, Singapore, and more.

Production Capacity

A testament to its vast infrastructure, Kolkata Chemical effortlessly meets the rising global demand for EPR.

Quality Control

In the heart of Kolkata Chemical, a rigorous quality assessment mechanism ensures that every EPR batch aligns with the highest standards.


Kolkata Chemical champions the cause of bespoke solutions, creating tailored EPR variants to suit individual industrial needs.

Company Info

Kolkata Chemical isn’t just a brand; it’s a legacy. Rooted deeply in the ethos of Kolkata’s tradition yet looking ahead with innovations, it stands as a paragon of India’s chemical advancement.


Incorporating avant-garde packing methodologies, Kolkata Chemical ensures pristine condition of EPR upon reaching global clientele.

Physical Properties

  • Density: Roughly 0.86 g/cm³, a mark of its uniformity.
  • Melting Point: An evidence of its superior thermal attributes.
  • Elongation: A testimony to its unmatched stretchability.


State-of-the-art storage systems ensure longevity and quality preservation of EPR.

Quality Inspection

Marrying technology with expertise to guarantee top-tier product quality.

Plant Area

Spanning vast expanses, the Kolkata Chemical facility is a blend of technology, efficiency, and modernity.

Terms of Payment or Quotation & Payment

A plethora of payment options, each sculpted for client ease and convenience.

Nearest Port

In close proximity to the Kolkata port, an arterial Indian port, ensuring streamlined logistics.

Import & Export Mode

Flexible trade terms ranging from CIF to FOB to assure seamless trade experiences.


Kolkata Chemical is more than just a name; it is a narrative of India’s growth and Kolkata’s spirit of relentless innovation. As this iconic company supplies world-class EPR from the heart of Kolkata to cities spanning the Middle East and beyond, it remains a beacon of quality, commitment, and excellence. Through every shipment and every product, Kolkata Chemical exemplifies the vision of a nation on the rise, bridging traditions with technological prowess. Wherever quality rubber is in demand, Kolkata Chemical rises to the occasion, cementing its stature in the annals of the chemical industry.

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