Kolkata Chemical: The Gold Standard of Levulinic Acid Solutions in India

Kolkata Chemical: The Gold Standard of Levulinic Acid Solutions in India


Kolkata Chemical has solidified its position as the epitome of trust, reliability, and excellence in India’s chemical industry. Stepping into the realm of Levulinic Acid, we emerge as the unparalleled leader in its supply, manufacturing, and distribution. Dive with us into the captivating world of Levulinic Acid, and explore why Kolkata Chemical remains the preferred choice of discerning businesses worldwide.

CAS No: 123-76-2

Formula: C5H8O3

Product Description: Levulinic Acid, also known as 4-oxopentanoic acid, is an organic compound that is gaining significant traction for its potential in biofuel production, among other applications. A derivative from cellulose, it is the chemical forefront of tomorrow.

Usage and Application:

  1. Biofuel: Acts as a precursor in the production of biofuels.
  2. Pharmaceuticals: Employed in the synthesis of a variety of pharmaceutical products.
  3. Agriculture: Serves as a potent herbicide and pesticide.

Product Parameters:

  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade.
  • Certification: Kolkata Chemical is honored with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and an array of industry-relevant certifications.
  • Purity: Superior purity, consistently achieving over 99%.
  • Appearance: A colorless to pale-yellow liquid, often crystallizing on standing.


  • Acidity (as Levulinic Acid): 99% min
  • Water Content: 0.5% max
  • Melting Point: 30-33°C

Physical Properties:

  • Boiling Point: 245°C
  • Density: 1.13 g/cm^3

Our Advantages:

  • Experience and Excellence: Carrying a legacy of unmatched expertise in Levulinic Acid production and distribution.
  • Global Network: Our expansive footprint covers the major cities in the Middle East and eminent global metropolises like London, Paris, Tokyo, New York, Riyadh, Cairo, and more.
  • Innovation-driven R&D: Our commitment to innovation propels us to the zenith of Levulinic Acid solutions.

Production Capacity:

Boasting an advanced infrastructure, we guarantee timely and voluminous production, meeting global demands with alacrity.

Quality Control:

Adhering to the highest standards, every batch of Levulinic Acid undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring unparalleled quality.


Every client’s need is unique. We tailor-make solutions, ensuring they seamlessly align with client specifications.

Company Info:

Kolkata Chemical: A tapestry of tradition, expertise, and innovation. Grounded in Kolkata’s rich history, our reach transcends international boundaries, forging enduring global alliances.


Our packing standards maintain the integrity of Levulinic Acid, from sealed sachets to industrial drums, ensuring top-notch quality every step of the way.


For optimal longevity and efficacy, Levulinic Acid should be stored in a cool, dry location, shielded from direct sunlight.


Our meticulous Certificate of Analysis assures clients of the unparalleled quality and purity they receive.

Plant Area:

Spanning a sprawling area, our facility epitomizes the fusion of modern technology with sustainable methodologies.

Terms of Payment or Quotation & Payment:

Transparent, straightforward, and trustworthy, embodying the essence of Kolkata Chemical.

Nearest Port:

Situated in proximity to the bustling Port of Kolkata, we promise rapid and efficient deliveries.

Import & Export Mode:

Rooted in India, our gaze is set on the world. Our extensive international network is a testament to our global aspirations.

As we conclude this exploration, it becomes abundantly clear: Kolkata Chemical is not just a supplier, manufacturer, or distributor. It’s an institution. An institution built on trust, excellence, and an unwavering commitment to its clients.

For collaborations that reshape industries and create legacies, reach out to us. For inquiries and orders, connect with us at: kolkatachemical@gmail.com.


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