Kolkata Chemical: The Epicenter of Chemical Mastery

Kolkata Chemical: The Epicenter of Chemical Mastery

Within the intricate mosaic of the global chemical industry, certain names are etched in golden letters, marking milestones of innovation, quality, and service that stands the test of time. Kolkata Chemical, deeply anchored in the heart of India, emerges as a luminary in this domain, especially when one speaks of Hexadecanoic Acid. Bolstered by a tapestry of expertise and a vast global distribution network, let us embark on an enlightening journey through the nuances of our flagship product.

CAS No: 57-10-3
Formula: C₁₆H₃₂O₂
Hexadecanoic Acid, known to many as palmitic acid, manifests as a saturated fatty acid. Characterized by its unmistakable white crystalline appearance, it commands a distinct space across diverse industries, highlighting its indispensable stature.

Food Industry:

Food Additive: It’s derivatives, palmitates, act as stabilizers, enriching baked goods and dairy products with their emulsifying capabilities.
Edible Oils: Anchoring its presence in palm oil and various vegetable oils, enhancing culinary creations.
Cosmetic & Personal Care:

Skin and Hair Elixir: A regular in moisturizers and hair serums, promising unparalleled nourishment.
Fragrance Base: Its unique composition positions it as a choice for fragrance concoctions.
Pharmaceuticals: As an excipient, it is integral in a multitude of medicinal formulations.

Industrial Verticals:

Soap & Detergent: A fundamental component, owed to its surfactant attributes.
Lubricant Additive: Augments the performance of lubricants.
Research: Central in various chemical reactions and exploratory studies.
Grade Standard: Ranging from Food Grade and Industrial Grade to Pharmaceutical Grade.
Certification: Our revered ISO 9001 and GMP badges are symbols of our relentless pursuit of excellence.
Purity: Regularly achieving the pinnacle with ≥99% purity.
Appearance: The iconic crystalline white facade.
Melting Point: 62.9°C
Boiling Point: 351.5°C
Density: 0.853 g/cm³ at 25°C
Legacy Reimagined: Infused with decades of wisdom, steered by the brightest minds in chemistry.
Modern Alchemy: Our sanctums of production, where age-old knowledge meets cutting-edge technology.
Punctuality Personified: A comprehensive logistics infrastructure that is the embodiment of precision and punctuality.
Our vast production chambers, balancing massive scale and unparalleled finesse, stand ever-prepared to cater to global demands.

Every batch of Hexadecanoic Acid we produce is a testament to precision and adherence to the highest standards, validated by our state-of-the-art labs.

Understanding the unique essence of each client, we offer bespoke solutions, be it in composition, packaging, or volume.

Kolkata Chemical, a shining star in India’s chemical skyline, boasts of an expansive global clientele. While our spirit resonates with the pulse of Kolkata, our influence radiates across global powerhouses like New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, and many more.

From tailored sachets to colossal drums, we ensure the integrity of Hexadecanoic Acid remains intact, irrespective of its journey.

To maintain its prime, Hexadecanoic Acid demands a cool, dry abode, shielded from direct sunrays, preferably stored in airtight vessels.

Each shipment is accompanied by a transparent Certificate of Analysis, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality.

Our expansive Kolkata production haven is not merely about grandeur; it embodies our commitment to sustainable practices and production efficiency.

Every financial interaction echoes our core values of transparency and fairness. Market-attuned pricing goes hand in hand with flexible, customer-friendly payment methods.

Our strategic proximity to the Kolkata Port ensures swift maritime journeys, reducing transit intervals.

While our foundation is solidly Indian, our reach spans the globe. From the tranquil realms of India to the pulsating arteries of global capitals, our network stretches far and wide.

In the vast canvas of the chemical sector, Kolkata Chemical isn’t merely a name; it’s an institution. Our rendition of Hexadecanoic Acid is not just another chemical offering; it’s our signature. Associating with us is not just a transaction; it’s an invitation to join a legacy that redefines the frontiers of chemical excellence.



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