Kolkata Chemical: The Epicenter of Benzoyl Peroxide Excellence in India

Kolkata Chemical: The Epicenter of Benzoyl Peroxide Excellence in India

In the heart of the “City of Joy”, Kolkata, where trams trudge along and culture reverberates in every corner, Kolkata Chemicals emerges as a colossal figure in the realm of chemical manufacturing. Specializing in Benzoyl Peroxide, this establishment has been a testament to the city’s indomitable spirit and innovative prowess.


[CAS No: 94-36-0]



Product Description

Kolkata Chemicals’ Benzoyl Peroxide is not just any chemical compound but a harmonious blend of expert knowledge, top-tier technology, and age-old Bengali dedication.

Usage & Application

While renowned for its dermatological applications, particularly in treating acne, Kolkata Chemicals’ Benzoyl Peroxide also finds indispensable use in the textile sector for bleaching, and in the polymer domain, ensuring robust polymerization.

Product Parameters

  • Grade Standard: Meeting and often surpassing both the Pharmaceutical and Industrial benchmarks.
  • Certification: Proud bearers of ISO 9001:2015 certification.
  • Purity: Outstanding purity level, consistently clocking above 99%.
  • Appearance: A serene crystalline white, symbolic of Kolkata’s pure heart.


Each batch embodies Kolkata Chemical’s unwavering commitment to maintain global standards.

Our Advantages

  1. Prime Location: Stationed in the heart of Bengal, offering easy access and delivery.
  2. Advanced Infrastructure: Combining traditional wisdom with modern techniques.
  3. Expert Team: An ensemble of the finest chemical engineers and specialists.
  4. Constant Innovation: A commitment to research and development.

Production Capacity

With vast and state-of-the-art facilities, Kolkata Chemical ensures uninterrupted supply, even for bulk demands.

Quality Control

A strict adherence to quality checks, ensuring that clients only receive the best.


Understanding varied industry needs, Kolkata Chemical takes pride in offering tailored solutions.

Company Info

Kolkata Chemical isn’t just a brand; it’s a legacy. Echoing the rich traditions and innovation of Kolkata, it stands tall as a symbol of quality and reliability in the chemical domain.


Products are packed meticulously, ensuring they reach clients without any compromise on quality.

Physical Properties

  • Density: 1.334 g/cm³
  • Melting Point: 105°C


Optimal storage conditions are maintained to ensure the longevity and efficacy of the product.

Quality Inspection

Rigorous inspection procedures underline the company’s commitment to unparalleled quality.

Plant Area

A sprawling area that seamlessly blends modern technology with Kolkata’s rich heritage.

Terms of Payment or Quotation & Payment

Transparent dealings and flexible payment options underline Kolkata Chemical’s client-centric approach.

Nearest Port

Haldia, West Bengal

Import & Export Mode

Expanding its reach across the globe through air, sea, and land, underlining its international stature.

Global Reach

From the historic alleys of Istanbul to the bustling boulevards of New York, from the scenic coasts of Cape Town to the skyscrapers of Tokyo, Kolkata Chemical’s presence is unmistakably global.

Kolkata Chemical is not merely a business venture; it is an emotion, resonating with the soul of Kolkata. With each consignment of Benzoyl Peroxide, it exports a piece of Kolkata’s heart, its tradition, its expertise, and its unwavering commitment to excellence. As it steers forward, Kolkata Chemical remains rooted in its values, ready to conquer the global chemical horizon, just as Kolkata has always conquered hearts.

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