Kolkata Chemical: The Chromic Acid Beacon of India

Kolkata Chemical: The Chromic Acid Beacon of India

Nestled on the eastern banks of the Hooghly River, Kolkata – once the colonial capital of India – wears many crowns. Among its many tales of grandeur, a story stands out, that of Kolkata Chemical – a luminary in the world of Chromic Acid. When the tale of India’s chemical prowess is narrated, Kolkata Chemical claims a chapter of its own – a saga rich in innovation, commitment, and a legacy of unparalleled excellence.

CAS NO: 7738-94-5
Formula: H2CrO4

Product Description

Chromic Acid, chemically designated as H2CrO4, is not merely a compound for Kolkata Chemical. It is a symphony – a harmonious blend of elements crafted to perfection. Exhibiting a deep-red hue characteristic of its kind, every particle of Chromic Acid produced by Kolkata Chemical resonates with the company’s promise of quality and purity.

Usage and Application

Chromic Acid from Kolkata Chemical finds its footprint in an array of industries:

  • Metal Treatment: Serving as the backbone for chrome plating and metal finishing processes.
  • Wood Conservation: Extending the life of timber and enhancing its durability.
  • Catalytic Processes: Facilitating faster and efficient chemical reactions in industries.
  • Dye Manufacturing: Giving life and longevity to colours.

Product Parameters

Grade Standard: Kolkata Chemical offers a spectrum ranging from Industrial to specialized Research grades.
Certification: Adherence to global standards including ISO, REACH, and others.
Purity: Consistently achieving purity levels upwards of 99.8%.
Appearance: Deep-red, crystalline, an embodiment of its pristine nature.


  • Solubility: Highly water-soluble.
  • Melting Point: A noteworthy 197°C.
  • Density: A precise 1.201 g/cm³.

Our Advantages

  1. Global Footprint: With a presence spanning from the Middle Eastern cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Muscat to global hubs such as New York, London, and Singapore.
  2. Peak Quality Standards: Setting and surpassing industry benchmarks.
  3. Customized Solutions: Tailored Chromic Acid solutions to cater to distinct industrial needs.

Production Capacity

Equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure, Kolkata Chemical boasts of a production capacity that stands tall amidst rising global demands, year in and year out.

Quality Control

Dedicated labs, equipped with state-of-the-art tech and manned by industry experts, ensure that every batch of Chromic Acid upholds the Kolkata Chemical hallmark of excellence.


Harnessing advanced technology with deep industry insights, Kolkata Chemical stands poised to offer Chromic Acid solutions finely tuned to individual requirements.

Company Info

Kolkata Chemical represents more than just a brand. It’s a legacy, a testament to Kolkata’s rich industrial heritage and its significant contribution to India’s standing in the global chemical arena.


Leveraging advanced packing techniques, Kolkata Chemical ensures Chromic Acid reaches its destination in the very essence it was crafted in, untouched by external factors.

Physical Properties

  • Molecular Weight: An exact 118.01 g/mol.
  • pH Value: Demonstrating its inherent acidic nature.
  • Boiling Point: A stable 250°C, indicative of its robustness.


For optimal retention of its properties, Chromic Acid from Kolkata Chemical is best stored in cool, shaded environments, safeguarded against incompatible materials.

Quality Inspection

A rigorous internal quality inspection mechanism, further supplemented by third-party checks, assures the signature quality of Kolkata Chemical’s Chromic Acid.

Plant Area

Situated strategically in Kolkata’s industrial hubs, the sprawling plant exemplifies state-of-the-art design, facilitating efficient and sustainable operations.

Terms of Payment or Quotation & Payment

To facilitate smooth international transactions, Kolkata Chemical has in place a versatile array of payment options catering to clients worldwide.

Nearest Port

Kolkata Chemical enjoys the strategic advantage of being in close proximity to the Kolkata Port, a major maritime gateway to and from India.

Import & Export Mode

A seamless operational framework aids in streamlined imports and exports, reinforcing Kolkata Chemical’s promise of uninterrupted global supply.

Kolkata Chemical isn’t just a brand; it’s an emblem of India’s prowess in the chemical industry. With each consignment of Chromic Acid dispatched, it doesn’t just deliver a chemical compound but a commitment – a pledge to quality, trust, and an enduring legacy. As the story of Chromic Acid unfolds globally, Kolkata Chemical proudly carves its name in golden letters.

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