Kolkata Chemical: The Beacon of Surfactants in the East of India

Kolkata Chemical: The Beacon of Surfactants in the East of India


Nestled in the historic city of Kolkata, often termed the ‘Cultural Capital of India,’ Kolkata Chemical stands tall, illuminating the chemical domain with its impeccable surfactants. Renowned not just for its legacy but for the sheer excellence of its products, the company embodies the confluence of time-honored wisdom and innovative technology.


  • CAS NO: Each surfactant produced under the Kolkata Chemical banner proudly flaunts its distinct CAS number, with Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate often referenced under CAS 68585-34-2.
  • Formula: For instance, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate is recognized by its chemical formula C14H29NaO5S.
  • Product Description: Surfactants are miraculous compounds, functioning as the agents that facilitate the intermingling of two otherwise immiscible substances like oil and water, making them the backbone of numerous industries.
  • Usage: Their omnipresence can be felt in household products – be it the detergent that cleanses our clothes or the shampoo we trust for our hair.
  • Application: From agriculture, textiles, pharmaceuticals to the vast realm of personal care, the applications of surfactants are multifarious.
  • Product Parameters:
    • Grade Standard: Kolkata Chemical’s extensive portfolio spans from the revered Industrial Grade to the highly specialized Pharma Grade.
    • Certification: The hallmark of our quality is the esteemed certifications each product carries.
    • Purity: Our commitment is to maintain an unparalleled level of purity.
    • Appearance: Varies with the surfactant type but generally ranges from clear to pale yellow liquids.
    • Specifications: Precision, purity, and performance define every surfactant we produce.

Our Advantages:

Kolkata Chemical’s prestige transcends borders, becoming synonymous with quality. With every molecule we produce, we set a new benchmark in the global surfactant industry.

Production Capacity:

Amidst the iconic Howrah Bridge and the tranquil Hooghly riverbank, our state-of-the-art facility operates at an impressive scale, ensuring no demand remains unmet.

Quality Control:

Each surfactant undergoes meticulous scrutiny to ensure it meets and often exceeds the industry benchmarks.


Understanding the diverse needs of the global market, we offer bespoke surfactant solutions tailored for distinct applications.

Company Info:

While our roots are embedded deep in Kolkata’s rich heritage, our branches spread out, making a mark in the world’s major cities.


Our packing solutions preserve the integrity and extend the shelf life of our surfactants.


  • Density: Specific to the surfactant type.
  • Melting Point: Each surfactant possesses its unique melting point.
  • Boiling Point: Dependent on the individual surfactant.


Our surfactants are crafted for longevity, best stored in cool, dry places away from direct sunlight to maintain their efficacy.


The commitment to excellence is evident at our dedicated labs, equipped with the latest technology to ensure consistent superiority.

Plant Area:

Set against the backdrop of Kolkata’s skyline, our expansive facility is a marvel where science meets art.

Terms of Payment or Quotation & Payment:

Our transparent and straightforward financial protocols ensure smooth business transactions.

Nearest Port:

Strategically located, we are in close vicinity to the major ports of Kolkata, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries.

Import & Export Mode:

Our well-oiled logistics mechanism guarantees smooth imports and exports, enhancing our global footprint.


Kolkata Chemical is not just a name; it’s a tradition, a legacy. As we pen down this journey from the bylanes of Kolkata to global metropolises like Dubai, London, New York, and Tokyo, we are reminded of our commitment to excellence. We are not just another company; we are a symbol of trust, quality, and Indian prowess in the surfactant domain.

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