Kolkata Chemical: Spearheading the Neoprene Revolution in India

Kolkata Chemical: Spearheading the Neoprene Revolution in India


Nestled within the cultural epicenter of India, Kolkata Chemical is a name synonymous with world-class quality and pioneering innovation in the world of Neoprene production. As Kolkata resonates with history and charm, so does Kolkata Chemical stand as an embodiment of India’s industrial marvel, fostering growth and fortifying its name not only within the subcontinent but across the globe.

CAS NO: 9010-98-4

Formula: (C4H5Cl)n

Product Description:

Neoprene, or as chemists would refer to it, polychloroprene, is a synthesized rubber, crafted through chloroprene’s polymerization. Its resilience against detrimental elements like heat, chemicals, and oil makes it an industrial favorite. And when it comes to its production, Kolkata Chemical’s version is second to none, thanks to a fusion of advanced technology and robust quality assurance protocols.


Neoprene, due to its array of dynamic properties, enjoys a plethora of applications:

  • Industrial Realm: Invaluable for creating durable belts, hoses, and gaskets.
  • Electrical Industry: The backbone of wire insulation.
  • Sports and Recreation: From diving suits to protective gear, Neoprene is everywhere.


  1. Civil Engineering: Employed for bridge bearings and facade installations.
  2. Automotive: Vital for manufacturing fan belts and automotive mounts.
  3. Consumer Goods: From laptop sleeves to mousepads, Neoprene is omnipresent.

Product Parameters:

  • Density: Approximately 1.23 g/cm³
  • Tensile Strength: 7-15 MPA, contingent on the grade.
  • Elongation: Spanning from 300% to a commendable 700%.

Grade Standard: Kolkata Chemical categorizes Neoprene into:

  • Industrial Grade: Customized for heavy-duty applications.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade: Refined for the medicinal world’s intricate needs.

Certification: The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications decorate Kolkata Chemical’s crown, a testament to their relentless pursuit of perfection.

Purity: An awe-inspiring ≥99.5%, standing as a testament to their precision-driven approach.

Appearance: Flexible and resilient, Kolkata Chemical’s Neoprene is usually a black or white malleable solid, epitomizing quality.

Specifications: Abiding by global benchmarks, each Neoprene batch reflects Kolkata Chemical’s commitment to unmatched quality.

Our Advantages:

  1. Tech-Driven: Harnessing futuristic technology to drive production.
  2. Pan-Global Reach: From the dunes of Riyadh to the bustling streets of Tokyo and the towering skyscrapers of New York, their influence is ubiquitous.
  3. Green Initiatives: Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a commitment.
  4. R&D Excellence: Pioneering breakthroughs via their state-of-the-art R&D wing.

Production Capacity: Their colossal facility produces a staggering 850,000 metric tons annually, fulfilling global demands seamlessly.

Quality Control: Unwavering quality standards, ensuring that each Neoprene batch mirrors their commitment to excellence.

Customization: Adapting to global demands with unmatched versatility and customization capabilities.

Company Info:

With roots deeply entrenched in the heart of Kolkata, the company’s ascent to global fame has been meteoric. Kolkata Chemical’s mantra revolves around three pillars – perfection, sustainability, and ceaseless innovation, steering them towards unmatched excellence in the Neoprene domain.

Packing: Every Neoprene batch is diligently packed in eco-friendly, robust 25kg bags, ensuring product sanctity and safety during transit.


  • Hardness: Typically oscillating between 40-45 Shore A.
  • Temperature Tolerance: Effectively functional between -40°C to 120°C.

STORAGE: It’s imperative to store Neoprene in ambient, dry conditions, shielded from direct sunlight to preserve its properties.


A dedicated team ensures each Neoprene batch surpasses the benchmarks that Kolkata Chemical is renowned for.

Plant Area: A sprawling 8 million sq. meters of architectural and environmental brilliance, underpinning their commitment to green manufacturing.

Terms of Payment: They offer an array of flexible payment channels, from T/T to L/C, crafted for seamless global collaborations.

Quotation & Payment: Transparent, competitive pricing and diverse payment avenues underscore the ease of doing business with Kolkata Chemical.

Nearest Port: The pivotal Haldia Port, facilitating seamless import-export operations.

Import & Export Mode: Expertise in diverse operational modes like CIF and FOB, streamlining global transactions.

Kolkata Chemical’s Neoprene prowess extends from Middle Eastern giants like Abu Dhabi, Doha, and Dubai, to global powerhouses such as London, Toronto, Paris, and many more.


Kolkata Chemical, from its inception in the vibrant heart of Kolkata to its current global dominance, is a testament to India’s industrial evolution. As the world continues to discover Neoprene’s myriad applications, Kolkata Chemical is committed to fueling that journey with its unparalleled quality and innovation. A legacy, a leader, and a luminary, Kolkata Chemical illuminates the path forward for the Neoprene industry.

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