Kolkata Chemical: Pioneering Propionic Acid Supply in India

Kolkata Chemical: Pioneering Propionic Acid Supply in India

Kolkata, a city renowned for its rich history and vibrant culture, is home to a gem in the chemical industry – Kolkata Chemical. At the confluence of tradition and innovation, this organization has championed the cause of excellence in the manufacturing, supplying, and distribution of Propionic Acid. With a relentless pursuit of quality, Kolkata Chemical’s ethos resonates with the city’s spirit of resilience and progress.

CAS NO: 79-09-4
Formula: C3H6O2

Product Description

Propionic Acid, whose chemical signature is C3H6O2, is a colorless liquid endowed with a sharp, pungent aroma. Kolkata Chemical, leveraging cutting-edge technology, produces a Propionic Acid that’s a paragon of quality and potency.

Usage and Application

In the hands of Kolkata Chemical, Propionic Acid finds multifarious applications:

  • Food Industry: As a formidable food preservative, ensuring the longevity of products.
  • Agriculture: Protecting grains from spoilage.
  • Pharmaceuticals: A cornerstone in various medicinal formulations.
  • Cosmetics: Enhancing the shelf life of an array of beauty products.
  • Rubber Industry: Crucial in latex production and processing.

Product Parameters

Grade Standard: Spanning from Industrial to Pharmaceutical Grades
Certification: Adhering to ISO, GMP, and a spectrum of global standards
Purity: Peaks up to 99.7%
Appearance: A pristine, colorless liquid exuding a characteristic smell.


With Kolkata Chemical’s advanced processing:

  • Boiling Point: Estimated 141°C
  • Density: About 0.993 g/cm³
  • pH Level: Averaging 4.8 for a 0.1M aqueous solution.

Our Advantages

  1. Strategic Location: Being in Kolkata, it offers unparalleled accessibility to pivotal markets.
  2. Gold-standard Quality: Relentless adherence to international quality benchmarks.
  3. Dynamic Supply Chain: Ensuring uninterrupted global supply.

Production Capacity

With an astounding annual production capacity surpassing 250,000 metric tons of Propionic Acid, Kolkata Chemical effortlessly meets global demands.

Quality Control

A vanguard in quality assurance, Kolkata Chemical deploys state-of-the-art analytical tools and a team of seasoned experts to ensure each product iteration is impeccable.


Believing in the philosophy of “one size doesn’t fit all”, Kolkata Chemical proudly offers tailored solutions addressing varied client specifications.

Company Info

Rooted in Kolkata’s industrial landscape, Kolkata Chemical has evolved over the decades as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the chemical sector.


With an emphasis on product integrity, Kolkata Chemical uses pioneering containment techniques, safeguarding the product throughout its journey.

Physical Properties

  • Molecular Weight: An approximate 74.08 g/mol
  • Flash Point: Close to 54°C
  • Solubility: Completely miscible in mediums like water, alcohol, and ether.


For optimal longevity, Kolkata Chemical recommends storing Propionic Acid in cool, shaded places, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Quality Inspection

Every batch undergoes a rigorous quality assessment, ensuring it resonates with Kolkata Chemical’s superior quality ethos.

Plant Area

Kolkata Chemical’s sprawling facility is a harmonious blend of traditional techniques and modern innovations, underscoring their commitment to quality and efficiency.

Terms of Payment or Quotation & Payment

With a focus on facilitating seamless global transactions, Kolkata Chemical offers a myriad of payment options, tailored for diverse clientele.

Nearest Port

Strategically situated near the Kolkata Port, it ensures swift logistics and streamlined deliveries.

Import & Export Mode

Harnessing an extensive logistics matrix, Kolkata Chemical caters to both domestic and international clientele with unmatched proficiency.

Global Presence

Kolkata Chemical’s prowess isn’t confined to India. Its influential presence is felt in the Middle East and global cities such as Paris, Tokyo, Dubai, Los Angeles, among others.


Kolkata Chemical, a name synonymous with Propionic Acid in India, encapsulates the enduring spirit of Kolkata – a fusion of heritage and progress. As they carve their future trajectory, their legacy of quality, trust, and innovation shines brightly, reflecting the timeless ethos of the City of Joy.


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