Kolkata Chemical: India’s Vanguard in Hyaluronic Acid Production

Kolkata Chemical: India’s Vanguard in Hyaluronic Acid Production

In the shimmering landscape of the global chemical arena, select entities not only shape the trajectory but redefine the benchmarks. At the forefront of this transformation in India stands Kolkata Chemical, a titan in the realm of Hyaluronic Acid. This blog post offers a comprehensive delve into our signature offering, sketching the magnitude, versatility, and sheer prowess of Hyaluronic Acid.

In the myriad annals of biochemistry, few substances command respect and admiration like Hyaluronic Acid. A linchpin in the world of cosmetology, medicine, and beyond, its multifaceted applications are a testament to its unparalleled utility and effectiveness.

CAS No: 9004-61-9

Formula: (C₁₄H₂₁NO₁₁)n


Hyaluronic Acid, often simply referred to as HA, is a glycosaminoglycan, a polysaccharide that is naturally occurring in the human body. It’s renowned for its astonishing moisture-retention properties, with an ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, rendering it a hydration powerhouse.


Cosmetic & Skincare:

  • Anti-aging Serums: A cornerstone in combating wrinkles and fine lines, restoring youthful skin vitality.
  • Moisturizers: Given its superior water retention, it’s a favorite in hydrating formulations.

Medical Arena:

  • Joint Lubrication: Used in injections to alleviate osteoarthritis-related pain by lubricating joints.
  • Eye Surgery Adjunct: HA finds utility in cataract surgeries, retina repairs, and other eye-related procedures for its protective qualities.


  • Drug Delivery: Utilized in controlled and sustained-release drug delivery systems.


  • Grade Standard: From Cosmetic Grade to Pharmaceutical Grade and Research Grade, we cater to a spectrum of demands.
  • Certification: Our pride reflects in our ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and GMP certifications.
  • Purity: Synonymous with excellence, our HA flaunts purity levels exceeding 99%.
  • Appearance: A white to off-white, fine crystalline powder.


  • Molecular Weight: From low molecular weights (LMW) to high molecular weights (HMW), catering to varied applications.
  • Viscosity: A crucial parameter, especially for cosmetic and medical applications.


  • Pioneering Excellence: Decades of chemical mastery culminate in our unmatched expertise.
  • Ubiquitous Reach: From the Middle Eastern golden sands of Dubai to the chic avenues of Paris, the neon glow of Tokyo, and the bustling vibes of New York – our presence resonates globally.
  • Innovative R&D: Our dedication to innovation is rivaled only by our commitment to quality.


Ensconced in our state-of-the-art facilities, our production verticals seamlessly merge scale with quality, ready to satiate global demands.


Every gram of our Hyaluronic Acid is a manifestation of perfection, undergoing rigorous quality checks in advanced labs.


Be it a tweak in molecular weight or specialized packaging, our offerings are as diverse as the needs of our esteemed clientele.


Though anchored in Kolkata, our influence spans global chemical hubs, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.


From compact sachets for cosmetic samples to industrial drums, our packaging preserves the intrinsic integrity of Hyaluronic Acid.


  • Solubility: Highly soluble in water.
  • pH Level: Generally ranging between 6.0 – 7.5 for most commercial products.


Hyaluronic Acid thrives best in cool, dry environments shielded from direct sunlight, ensuring its qualitative longevity.


Our quality promise is chiseled in each Certificate of Analysis accompanying our shipments.


Our expansive facility in Kolkata isn’t just a testament to our scale but symbolizes our green initiatives and production prowess.


Transparent, competitive, and client-friendly, our financial paradigms echo our core values.


The strategic location near the Kolkata Port ensures swift and efficient global dispatches.


With roots embedded in Indian heritage and branches touching international skies, our trade modalities seamlessly integrate with global demands.

Kolkata Chemical doesn’t just represent a brand; it embodies a legacy, an ethos of unmatched quality and relentless innovation. Our Hyaluronic Acid is more than a product; it’s a promise – a promise of excellence, integrity, and unparalleled service. For those who seek the best, the journey invariably leads to Kolkata Chemical.

For inquiries and orders, please reach out to: kolkatachemical@gmail.com.


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