Kolkata Chemical: India’s Vanguard in Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Production

Kolkata Chemical: India’s Vanguard in Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Production

Nestled in the historic city of Kolkata, which was once the heart of British India, Kolkata Chemical now stands tall as a modern-day juggernaut in the chemical industry. With its specialty in Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) production, it’s not just a company, but a beacon of innovation, quality, and excellence in India.

Digging Deeper into Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate

  • CAS NO: 24937-78-8
  • Formula: (C2H4) x (C4H6O2) y

Product Description

EVA, produced by Kolkata Chemical, is not just another product in the market. It’s a blend of dedication, precision, and perfection. Designed with exceptional standards, it is renowned for its clarity, flexibility, and unparalleled UV resistance.

Usage & Application

Kolkata Chemical’s EVA has been the backbone of various industries:

  • Footwear: Molding comfortable and durable shoe soles.
  • Packaging: Clear, flexible, and robust packaging solutions.
  • Photovoltaic Cells: For effective solar cell encapsulation.
  • Medical Devices: Ensuring safety and precision.
  • Toys: Safe and compliant materials for children’s products.

Product Parameters

  • Grade Standard: Diverse, to cater to specific industry requirements.
  • Certification: Internationally recognized, with ISO endorsements.
  • Purity: A consistent benchmark of 99.8% purity.
  • Appearance: Ranging from clear to translucent, depending on the specifications.

Why Kolkata Chemical Stands Out

  • Innovation: With an R&D team that never sleeps.
  • Sustainability: Embracing eco-friendly processes.
  • Client Focus: A dedicated 24/7 customer service wing.

Manufacturing Might

Kolkata Chemical boasts of sprawling manufacturing facilities in Kolkata’s prime industrial sectors, underpinning a robust production capacity that satiates both domestic and global demands.

Unwavering Quality Control

Quality isn’t an act; it’s a habit at Kolkata Chemical. Multi-tiered quality control ensures each batch surpasses industry standards.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Customization is key. Recognizing varied industry demands, Kolkata Chemical excels in product, packaging, and grade customization.

Pillars of Kolkata Chemical

Emerging from Kolkata’s rich cultural backdrop, Kolkata Chemical has transitioned into an industry powerhouse. This journey is a testament to vision, commitment, and passion.

Packing, Storing, Shipping

EVA is meticulously packed, ensuring extended shelf-life and unmatched quality. Advanced storage facilities ensure EVA remains pristine, ready for global dispatch.

Physical Properties of EVA

  • Density: Typically 0.93-0.95 g/cm³.
  • Melting Point: Varies between 80-90°C, depending on the vinyl acetate content.

Financials & Logistics

Flexible payment modes, including L/C and T/T, support smooth client transactions. Located strategically near the Kolkata Port, logistics are seamless and efficient.

Global Reach

From the Middle East’s pulsating heart, cities like Dubai, Doha, and Riyadh, to global hubs like New York, Paris, and Tokyo, Kolkata Chemical’s EVA graces industries worldwide.

Kolkata Chemical is more than a manufacturer; it’s a legacy, a commitment, and a promise. As industries evolve, the demand for high-quality EVA surges. And, at this intersection of demand and supply, Kolkata Chemical stands tall, bridging gaps with quality, innovation, and dedication. From the alleys of Kolkata to global industrial avenues, the company’s footprints are evident, echoing its vision and unwavering commitment to excellence. Today, as we gaze into the industry’s future, one thing is clear: Kolkata Chemical isn’t just participating in this future; it’s shaping it.

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