Kolkata Chemical: India’s Premier Gluconic Acid Supplier

Kolkata Chemical: India’s Premier Gluconic Acid Supplier

In the vast landscape of the chemical industry in India, Kolkata Chemical emerges as a premier force, setting new benchmarks for excellence, innovation, and distribution. Based out of the historic city of Kolkata, a city known for its rich heritage and now its industrial prowess, Kolkata Chemical is more than just a business entity. It embodies the spirit of the ‘City of Joy’, relentlessly pushing the boundaries in the realm of chemical innovation. In this detailed account, we journey through the universe of Gluconic Acid, brought to you by the artisans at Kolkata Chemical – your reliable partner for quality and trust.

CAS NO: 526-95-4

Formula: C6H12O7

Product Description

Gluconic Acid, a multifaceted chemical compound, finds critical applications across a plethora of industries. Recognizable by its mildly sweet taste, its role in the industrial world is anything but minor. Kolkata Chemical ensures the perfect synthesis and distribution of this invaluable compound, ensuring it reaches you in its purest form.

Usage and Application

Gluconic Acid, a polyhydroxy acid, finds its presence in various sectors:

  1. Food Industry: Acts as a food additive and in calcium gluconate, a food supplement.
  2. Pharmaceuticals: Used to produce sodium salt which is an antacid.
  3. Construction: In concrete as a set retarder or plasticizer.
  4. Cleaning: In cleaning products due to its capability to dissolve limescale.
  5. Others: Also found in cosmetics and corrosion inhibitors.

Product Parameters

  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade, Food Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
  • Purity: 99.9%
  • Appearance: Clear to light yellow aqueous solution


At Kolkata Chemical, the standard isn’t just met, it’s set.

  • Density: 1.24 g/mL
  • Melting Point: 75°C
  • Boiling Point: 673°C
  • Molecular Weight: 196.16 g/mol

Our Advantages

  1. Global Presence: Serving top cities worldwide including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, New York, London, Tokyo, Sydney, Toronto, and more.
  2. Unmatched Quality: Every batch goes beyond standard expectations.
  3. Competitive Pricing: Premium quality at the best price.
  4. Huge Production Capacity: Meeting global demands efficiently.

Quality Control

Precision and purity are our promises, thanks to our state-of-the-art in-house labs.


Tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of our vast clientele.

Company Info

Kolkata Chemical is not just an organization; it’s a legacy. Set against the backdrop of the mighty Hooghly and the iconic Howrah Bridge, our infrastructure mirrors the grandeur of our beloved city. Decades of hard work, innovation, and a robust commitment to quality and satisfaction shine through in our array of products.


Guaranteeing product safety and zero contamination through globally-approved materials and processes.

Physical Properties

  • Solubility: Soluble in water
  • Viscosity: 1.47 mPa.s
  • Flash Point: 129°C


For optimal shelf life, store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and ignition sources.

Quality Inspection

Every batch undergoes rigorous inspection, ensuring it stands tall on the global platform.

Plant Area

Our expansive plant adheres to global safety norms, ensuring seamless domestic and international shipments.

Terms of Payment or Quotation & Payment

Flexible payment options for a hassle-free business experience.

Nearest Port

Our strategic location near the Kolkata Port guarantees prompt and efficient deliveries.

Import & Export Mode

With a vast network, our footprint spans across the Middle East and global powerhouses, reinforcing our position as an industry titan.

 Kolkata Chemical’s journey is a testament to dedication, innovation, and a thirst for excellence. As we broaden our horizons, our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction remains unflinching. Join us as we set sail to newer shores, establishing milestones, and creating an unparalleled legacy in the world of Gluconic Acid and beyond.

For inquiries and orders, please reach out to us at Email: kolkatachemical@gmail.com.


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