Kolkata Chemical Fatty Acids Supplier, Manufacturer, and Distributor in India

Kolkata Chemical Fatty Acids Supplier, Manufacturer, and Distributor in India

Emerging from the heart of Kolkata, Kolkata Chemicals is the crown jewel in the realm of Fatty Acids. As India’s leading supplier, manufacturer, and distributor, our name resonates with unparalleled quality and trust. Our esteemed journey, rooted deep within the subcontinent, has flourished and branched out across major cities of the Middle East and the entire globe.


Product Description:

Fatty acids are carboxylic acids with long aliphatic chains, which can be either saturated or unsaturated. These hydrocarbon derivatives find their presence in many of nature’s treasures, notably fats, oils, and waxes.

Usage & Application:

  • Cosmetics & Personal Care: Integral in formulations like creams and lotions.
  • Food Industry: Act as essential nutrients and flavor enhancers.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Key ingredients in numerous medicinal formulations.
  • Textile & Leather: Used in fabric treatments and leather conditioning.

Product Parameters:

  • Grade Standard: Spanning from Technical, Food to Pharmaceutical Grade.
  • Certification: Proud certifications from ISO 9001, REACH, and FDA.
  • Purity: Elevating purity levels upwards of 99%.
  • Appearance: Ranges from clear to slightly yellowish, often with an oily texture.


Ensuring that each batch surpasses national and international standards, making them a paragon of perfection.

Our Advantages:

  1. Global Reach: A presence echoing through cities like Istanbul, Dubai, New York, Paris, and beyond.
  2. Commitment to Excellence: Leveraging the finest resources with pioneering technologies.
  3. Bespoke Solutions: Curating tailored chemical formulations that resonate with client needs.
  4. R&D Excellence: Continuously innovating with a forward-looking approach.

Physical Properties:

  • Melting Point: Varies with chain length and saturation.
  • Density: Typically around 0.9 g/cm³.
  • Solubility: Generally insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents.


Recommending cool, dry places, ensuring that containers are tightly sealed to preserve their essence.

Quality Inspection:

Adhering to a meticulous examination regime, thus ensuring that each concoction aligns with the Kolkata Chemical signature of quality.

Plant Area:

Our expansive state-of-the-art facility, nestled in Kolkata, stands as a beacon of our manufacturing prowess.

Terms of Quotation & Payment:

Facilitating seamless business interactions, our transparent quotations integrate seamlessly with diverse payment methods.

Nearest Port:

Historic Kolkata Port, a gateway to the world.

Import & Export Mode:

With an intricate web of logistics spanning roads, seas, and skies, we ensure deliveries are always on point.

Global Imprints:

Our signature is found in cities such as Riyadh, Tokyo, Johannesburg, and countless more, emphasizing our universal appeal.

Conclusion: The Legacy of Kolkata Chemical:

Kolkata Chemical is more than just a name; it’s a legacy crafted over years, a testament to quality, trust, and innovation. Our commitment to enriching industries with the finest fatty acids remains unwavering. As we tread the path of the future, our dreams soar higher, promising groundbreaking innovations, robust partnerships, and a legacy that future generations would be proud of.

To foster collaborations, place orders, or simply indulge in chemical conversations, do drop us a line at: Email- kolkatachemical@gmail.com



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