Kolkata Chemical: A Vanguard of Urea Supply, Manufacturing, and Distribution in India

Kolkata Chemical: A Vanguard of Urea Supply, Manufacturing, and Distribution in India

Kolkata, a city of rich culture, heritage, and a revolutionary past, has always been a focal point for industry and commerce. Nestled within this city’s illustrious framework is Kolkata Chemical, a name that resonates with excellence, trust, and global reach in the domain of urea supply, manufacturing, and distribution.

CAS Number (CAS NO)

The scientific community identifies urea with the CAS Number 57-13-6.


Urea is chemically represented by the succinct formula CH₄N₂O.

Product Description

Urea, an organic compound, is an integral component widely used as a high-concentration nitrogenous fertilizer. It’s synthesized on an industrial scale from ammonia and carbon dioxide, especially during the Haber process.

Usage & Application

The myriad applications of urea encompass:

  • Agriculture: To enrich the nitrogen content in soil.
  • Automotive Sector: A crucial constituent of diesel exhaust fluids that curtail nitrogen oxide emissions.
  • Cosmetic Domain: As a moisturizing agent in numerous skincare formulations.
  • Research Laboratories: Esteemed as a protein denaturant.

Product Parameters

Grade Standard: Diverse, from agricultural to specialized industry grades.

Certification: Every batch from Kolkata Chemical carries the prestigious ISO certification.

Purity: Maintained at a stellar 99-100%, contingent on the specific grade.

Appearance: It is characterized by its white, crystalline form.


The properties of urea, such as nitrogen concentration, moisture content, and biuret percentage, are meticulously fine-tuned based on its intended application.

Our Advantages

  1. Historical Legacy: Kolkata Chemical’s indelible mark in the urea sector spans several decades.
  2. Global Outreach: Serving global hubs like Dubai, Istanbul, Singapore, London, New York, and more.
  3. Consistent Quality Promise: Every urea batch mirrors our commitment to excellence.
  4. Tailored Solutions: Crafted to meet individual industry and client needs.

Production Capacity

Leveraging state-of-the-art infrastructure, our production scales meet both national and international urea demands effortlessly.

Quality Control

An unyielding quality control regime ensures every urea shipment from Kolkata Chemical matches global standards.


Understanding the unique demands of diverse industries, Kolkata Chemical offers exhaustive customization options.

Company Info

From the heart of West Bengal, Kolkata Chemical has grown its wings to establish a global footprint. With a blend of traditional values and modern technology, it’s a beacon of innovation and quality in the urea industry.


Our urea is encapsulated in robust, moisture-proof bags, ensuring longevity and efficacy.

Physical Properties

Factors like solubility, melting point, and crystalline structure make urea a prized asset across multiple industries.


Preserving urea’s quality demands its storage in dry, cool places, away from direct sunlight and excessive moisture.

Quality Inspection

From raw materials to the final dispatch, an intricate inspection process is integral to our operations.

Plant Area

Nestled in Kolkata’s industrial outskirts, our vast plant area is a testament to our massive production capabilities, amalgamating tradition and technology.

Terms of Payment & Quotation

Our client-centric approach is reflected in our transparent and adaptive payment and quotation terms, fostering long-term partnerships.

Nearest Port

The strategic Kolkata Port, a major maritime gateway to the East, facilitates our expansive import and export activities.

Import & Export Mode

Our robust network is adept at both Direct Export and Through an Agent, underscoring our far-reaching presence.

Kolkata Chemical, rooted deeply in the City of Joy, has etched its mark on the global urea landscape. From the bylanes of Kolkata to major cities across the Middle East and the world, its prowess and commitment reverberate. As we charter our path forward, the ethos of quality, trust, and global excellence remain our guiding stars. While our storied past is a source of pride, it’s the promise of the future that drives us. In the annals of the global urea industry, Kolkata Chemical’s chapter isn’t just noteworthy; it’s defining. And as we often reiterate, the journey has just begun.

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