Kolkata Chemical: A Chronicle of Polyacrylamide Excellence in India

Kolkata Chemical: A Chronicle of Polyacrylamide Excellence in India

Nestled in the cultural heart of India, Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, stands as an enduring symbol of the country’s colonial past and its vibrant present. The city, much like its legacy, is a mosaic of antiquity juxtaposed with modernity. And from this unique tapestry emerges Kolkata Chemical, a paradigm of excellence in the realm of Polyacrylamide supply, manufacturing, and distribution.


Polyacrylamide, an integral element in diverse industries, is denoted by its Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Number: 9003-05-8.


Its molecular identity can be expressed through the formula: (C3H5NO)n.

Product Description

Polyacrylamide, a gem in Kolkata Chemical’s crown, is a white, crystalline substance revered for its myriad applications across sectors.

Usage & Application

  1. Water Treatment: Assists in purification and sedimentation processes.
  2. Oil & Gas Industry: Enhances oil recovery and serves as a drilling agent.
  3. Paper Industry: Improves paper strength and retention.
  4. Soil Stabilization: Fights soil erosion and enhances crop yield.

Product Parameters

  • Grade Standard: From industrial to specialized pharmaceutical grades, the spectrum is vast.
  • Certification: Proud recipient of ISO certifications and numerous global awards.
  • Purity: Consistently touching the 99% mark, a testament to their stringent processes.
  • Appearance: Characterized by its white, granular texture.


Kolkata Chemical’s Polyacrylamide not only adheres to but often surpasses international quality benchmarks.

Our Advantages

  1. Geographical Footprint: From Kolkata to Cairo, from Bangalore to Berlin, their distribution network is truly global.
  2. Innovation: Their state-of-the-art research facilities are the cradle of chemical innovation.
  3. Historical Legacy: Their journey resonates with Kolkata’s rich history and industrial growth.

Production Capacity

Backed by expansive infrastructure, they stand ready to meet surging demands, both domestic and international.

Quality Control

Rigorous quality checks ensure that only the finest Polyacrylamide is delivered to clients.


Recognizing the unique needs of each industry, Kolkata Chemical provides customized Polyacrylamide solutions.

Company Info

From humble beginnings, Kolkata Chemical has evolved into a stalwart in the chemical industry. Its trajectory parallels Kolkata’s emergence as a nexus of trade, culture, and academia.


Their advanced packing techniques preserve the integrity of Polyacrylamide from production to the client’s doorstep.

Physical Properties

  • Molecular Weight: Polyacrylamide’s high molecular weight is a testimony to its polymer nature.
  • Solubility: Renowned for dissolving swiftly in water.
  • Texture: Crystalline and odorless white particles.


Store in a cool, dry environment to retain Polyacrylamide’s effectiveness.

Quality Inspection

Quality, for Kolkata Chemical, is a promise. Every batch undergoes meticulous inspections to uphold this pledge.

Plant Area

Strategically located on Kolkata’s peripheries, the plant is an amalgamation of cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices.

Terms of Payment or Quotation & Payment

Catering to a global clientele necessitates a flexible payment structure, something they have adeptly implemented.

Nearest Port

Their proximity to the Kolkata Port, an ancient gateway for trade, ensures streamlined logistics.

Import & Export Mode

Their expansive supply chain spans continents, delivering to major cities in the Middle East and globally, thereby planting India’s flag firmly on the global chemical map.

Kolkata Chemical isn’t just a brand; it’s an institution. It exemplifies Kolkata’s industrious spirit and India’s capabilities in the chemical sector. As they etch their story from the banks of the Hooghly to global capitals, they carry with them a legacy – of Kolkata’s rich history, relentless pursuit of excellence, and a promise for the future.

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