Acetic Acid dealers in Kolkata

Acetic Acid dealers in Kolkata

Acetic Acid dealers in Kolkata

Here you will find a list of Acetic Acid dealers in Kolkata. Buy the most premium quality acetic acid or ethanoic acid in small packing as well as bulk quantity in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. East India Chemicals International and  RXSOL CHEMO PHARMA INTERNATIONAL are Acetic Acid dealers in Kolkata. Contact these dealers to buy Acetic Acid  in Kolkata. East India Chemicals International has been supplying and dealing in Acetic Acid from 1995 that is for more than 25 years. Contact Acetic Acid dealers in Kolkata to buy the most premium quality Acetic Acid in Kolkata.

Acetic Acid dealers in Kolkata include RX Group of Industries. They are dealing in very large volumes of Acetic Acid because of the competitive price offered. Contact us to know the current price of Acetic Acid in Kolkata.

Isoproyl Alcohol

Ethanoic Acid/Acetic Acid dealers Kolkata

Some of the major dealers controlling a large volume of Acetic Acid in Kolkata are East India Chemicals International and RXSOL CHEMO PHARMA INTERNATIONAL. The contact details for all these companies are on their websites. Acetic Acid or ethanoic acid is a very useful chemical as it finds application in too many industrial sectors. Acetic Acid is used in the food industry as vinegar. Acetic Acid or ethanoic acid is used in the leather industry as well as in the cleaning sector chemicals.

Ethanoic Acid is one of the most basic carboxylic acid. Yet is the most useful acid in the industry. We are dealers of some other chemicals in Kolkata, West Bengal. Some of these chemicals include formic acid, toluene, benzene, acetone etc.

Contact Acetic Acid dealers in Kolkata to buy Acetic Acid

To buy Acetic acid contact Acetic Acid dealers in Kolkata. To contact Acetic Acid dealers in Kolkata, mail us at or call us on +91 8752926666



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