RXSOL Biopack using as Membrane Preservatives in Reverse Osmosis.

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RXSOL Biopack using as Membrane Preservatives in Reverse Osmosis.


Technical Bulletin

Description and Use

RXSOL BIOPACK is  non-oxidizing biocide used to sanitize reverse osmosis (RO) and ultrafiltration (UF) systems and membranes.RXSOL BIOPACK is fed continuously to the feed water of these systems. RXSOL BIOPACK is used to reduce slime build-up in reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membranes. A treatment program that includes RXSOL BIOPACK with RXSOL RO-4 will result in more effective membrane cleaning and decreased cleaning frequency. This product is most effective as a bactericide, but will also control fungi and algae when used at higher dosages. RXSOL BIOPACK contains a higher concentration of ingredients and is used in the same manner .


RXSOL BIOPACK  should be used only in industrial applications. They should never be used in those applications in which membrane system permeate, or products formulated with permeate could be consumed or injected into humans or animals


  1. Non-oxidizing biocides for membrane safety
  2. Highly effective in reducing bacterial growth and slime build-up on a variety of membrane types.
  3. RXSOL BIOPACK  can be used on or off line
  4. Readily degraded actives for safe disposal

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