RXSOL B – 85


RXSOL B – 85

Multipurpose cleaning chemicals for removing the grease. Carbon, paint, tar and other type of resin from the Diesel Engine cooling, water and diesel pipes.

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Technical Bulletin

Description : RXSOL B-85 is removal Oil residues in 1/2 – 1 hour Layers of paint or tar in 1 – 2 hours Coke deposits in 6 . 12 hours. With RXSOL B-85 practically all types of dirt can be removed from filter fabrics. It can be used on all metals.RXSOL B-85 removes coke, grease, paint, tar, resin and other types of dirt. RXSOL B-85  prevents no fire hazard.It is a two-layer liquid which can be used at full strenght in any available tank.

Application : It is  multipurpose cleaning chemicals for removing the Grease, Carbon, Paint, Tar and  other type of resin from the Diesel Engine cooling, water and diesel pipes, Deck Plate etc.

Uses and Dose :

The upper layer (10%) is a liquid covering layer, which prevents the escape of solvent vapour and reduces the gradual loss of solvent by rinsing off the parts as they are taken out of the liquid. The remaining 90 consists of a mixture of solvents which, in particular, destroys the adhesion of residues of resin, coke, paint, etc., so that they can easily be removed by rinsing.

RXSOL B-85 has strong solvent properties for oils and fats. For this reason, if any of the liquid accidentally gets on to the skin, it should be flushed away immediately with water. (On very sensitive skins, use dilute alcohol).

The cleaning power of  RXSOL B-85 is prolonged by regular cleaning of the RXSOL B-85 tank. This can be done as follows:

After a week-end or other interruption of work, the dirt will have settled to the bottom, and it stays there when the tank is emptied. It can then easily be removed and the RXSOL B-85 returned to the clean tank.

Parts which have to be cleaned should be free from loose rust or dirt by means of a steam jet or pressure water before being dipped in the RXSOL B-85 tank. This also prolongs the life of the RXSOL B-85.

If there is not too much dirt, the solvent should be allowed to act for about 2 hours, but about 6 hours should be reckoned with  if the dirt is difficult to remove. With  residues, at  least 8 hours be allowed.

Whilst the liquid flows through the basket-element the ferrit particlils are attracted by the strong magnetic fields and deposited on the outside of the tubes (11) of the magnet-inset (10).

3. Installation of the basket element The basket-element (with or without magnet-inserts) has to be inserted into the opened filterhousing from above. It is important, that the top ring (G) is placed correctly onto the element support of the filterhousing. The conical spring (7) should stand approx. 30 – 40 mm over the upper housing flange, so that a sufficient pressure-contact between the top ring (6) of the basket element and element support is guaranteed and by pass flows excluded.

4. Maintenance and cleaning

a) basket element :

The element has to be controlled and cleaned in regular intervals. The intervals depend on the expected impurities. It is recommendable that the first cleaning is carried out immediately after the first flushing of a new plant. Generally however, the pressure drop in the filter shows the contamination of the filter-element. This pressure drop should not exceed 0,8 bar, otherwise there is a risk of dammaging the filter element (Messrs. Boll & Kircla have an appropriate differential pressure indicator in their production program).

When cleaning the basket element of a single filter, the filter has to be taken out of service completely by closing valves, cocks or sliding valves, etc. before and behind the filter.

The duplex-filter however, can stay in operation by only changing-over from the clogged filter-chanser to the clean filter-chamber. The closrged filter -chamber (which has now been taken out of oneration) can be drained down to the elementesunNport in the filter -housing, by opening the drain plug. The basket clement can then be taken cut of the housing and the main dirt dumped. Afterwards the basket-element should Ia placed into a suitable solvent (benzine, diesel oil, trichlor-ethylene or similar) and blown through carefuly with compressed air from outside to inside. If the dirt is persistent, the treatment with a soft brush is recommendable, whereby the wire gauze must not be dammaged.

b) Magnet-insert

By pulling the magnet rod out of the brass tube (use ring 14) the magnetic field is removed, so that the impurities on the outside of the tube can be stripped off easily.

Product Label

Multipurpose cleaning chemicals for removing the grease. Carbon, paint, tar and other type of resin from the Diesel Engine cooling, water and diesel pipes.


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