Rig Laboratory Complete Set


Rig Laboratory Complete Set

Rig Laboratory, With Mud Balance, Cup & Funnel, Wall Mount Filter Press, Sand Kit, Reagents And Glassware, In Stainless Steel Cabinet

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Included in the RXSOL  Rig Laboratory are a mud balance, marsh funnel, measuring cup, filter press, Sand Content Kit, timer, and all the reagents and labware for performing chloride ion analysis. An air hose and connections are included to run the filter press from rig air. Rxsol Rig Laboratory has a small sink with hook-ups for rig water. Due to its design, this kit can be custom tailored to meet specific requirements.

Size: 26″ × 13″ × 26.75″ (58 × 33 × 68 cm)
Weight: 75 lb (34.1 kg)

Crated Size: 30″ × 16″ × 31″ (76 × 41 × 79 cm)
Crated Weight: 150 lb (68.1 kg)


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