Power Wash Plus


Power Wash Plus

It Is Professional quality ultra concentrate biogeradable foam liquid detergent formulated specially for Car, boat , Truck and motorcycle.

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Power Wash Plus makes vehicle cleaning easy. This product is designed to be used through a pressure washer or drive through pressure spray system to quickly remove dirt, oil, grease, road film, and exhaust from aluminum or painted surfaces without attacking the surface.  A special ionic/cationic detergent system quickly floats away road film and grease without use of brushes or other manual devices.  This product may be used manually, however, if no pressure washer is available.  

Special sequesterants keep equipment free of water mineral scale.  This product rinses freely, leaving no film or residue when used as directed.  May be used to clean any surface soiled with dirt, oil, traffic film, etc.  Brightens aluminum surfaces without the use of acid


Technical Bulletin

Power Wash Plus  is a professional quality ultra concentrated biodegradable foam liquid detergent, specially formulated for cars, boats, trucks and motorcycles. It can be used for hand or automatic car washing. Its mixture of powerful detergents and its rich and abundant foam wash away dirt, road film, bugs and other contaminants and won’t attack the paint, wax, protective finish, rubber finishing bands or the chrome. Its also contains wax that let a durable and shiny finish. Gives superb result on all type of paint. Without phosphate.

1. Less toxic and mad e from biodegradable ingredients.
2. Have a control Ph for delicate vehicle surfaces.
3. Incorporated wax that gives shiny finish and won’t leave marks.
4. Extra foamy.


pH (as is) 8.0 – 8.5
Density (20°C) 1.3 g/cc
Colour Red
Fragrance Discrete cherry
Characteristic None
Biodegradability Complete
Flash Point More than 95°C
Freezing Stability Keep out from freezing
Degradability determined
 in accordance with OECD no. 301D.

Use 5mL of detergent per litre of warm water. If the vehicle is exposed to direct sunlight, wait for 15 to 30 minutes for the
surface to cool. Rinse well after washing.

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