ORG CITRISURF 77 Rust Cleaner


ORG CITRISURF 77 Rust Cleaner

low cost and efficient removal of contaminants and all rust and free iron from the surface of stainless steel, providing the highest chrome oxide levels possible.

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Technical Bulletin

Technical Data:


ORG CITRISURF 77 is a high quality blend of chemicals formulated for cleaning, rust removal and passivation of stainless steel products It is provided in trigger sprayer bottles for applications where it is desired to spray the product on a local area. ORG CITRISURF 77 is specifically designed to provide a portable, low cost and efficient removal of contaminants and all rust and free iron from the surface of stainless steel, providing the highest chrome oxide levels possible.

Physical Properties:

Specific Gravity 1.04
Approx. wt. /gallon 8.7 lb/gal
Viscosity 2 cps
Form Liquid
Chemical Composition Citric acid, water, proprietary ingredients
Operating Temperature Room temp or higher
Flash Point None
Water solubility Complete
Normal working concentration Use as received
pH at working concentration approx. 1.6


22 oz. trigger sprayer bottles.

Application Procedure:

CitriSurf is an excellent cleaner by itself for many cleaning and passivation processes. However, to assure best results, the parts or areas to be passivated may be cleaned with an appropriate cleaning solution prior to treatment with CitriSurf solution, especially when heavy grease and oils are present. If thorough cleaning is not possible during use in the field, wipe the surface free of dirt and oils prior to application.

The parts or areas to be cleaned and passivated should be sprayed, immersed or wiped with ORG CITRISURF 77 to completely wet the surfaces, especially in crevices or in areas where any rust or corrosion may have occurred. The surface must be soaked or left moist with the ORG CITRISURF 77 solution for a period sufficient to remove all corrosion, free iron and contaminants from the surface. This is typically 15-30 minutes at room temperature, depending on the grade of stainless steel, hardness, and the condition of the surface. This should be determined by testing with your product. Coverage is approximately 90 square feet per 22 oz. bottle. If heavy rust needs to be removed, Scotch Brite (TM) or other non iron containing abrasive may be helpful. Difficult rust or corrosion must be tested to determine the exact best conditions for removal.

Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry completely in air immediately. Drying can be accelerated by use of a hot air blower (i.e. hair dryer), clean cloth, or other drying medium to attain a highly passive surface. Repeat process if needed to obtain desired results.

Notes on Use:
Although ORG CITRISURF 77 will not harm most metal appliances or surfaces, and will enhance the brightness when used as directed, test a small area before full application.

Although very safe in normal use,ORG CITRISURF 77 is a citric acid based material, and as such it may cause irritation to exposed surfaces of the body. See Material Safety Data Sheet before using this material. Rubber or plastic gloves should be worn to apply the product to the surface or to wipe it dry. Inhaling mist may be irritating to nose and throat.

Do not apply CitriSurf to electrical wiring or other conductive material that is connected to electrical current without first turning off all electricity! CitriSurf is a water based conductive material. Serious injury or death con occur from electrical shock.

Do not leave concrete or carbon steel exposed to CitriSurf for any period of time. Damage to these materials will occur with prolonged exposure.


Dispose of according to all federal, state and local regulations.


ORG CITRISURF 77 should be stored at temperatures between 50°F and 120°F in the bottles supplied with the product. (If accidentally frozen, thawing will return product to normal.)

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