Muriatic Acid


Muriatic Acid

Muriatic acid in forms acidic mists.

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Technical Bulletin

Product Description: RXSOL-22-2205-025 is developed this molecular cement dissolver, Lime celaner  and general as an alternative to using hazardous acids for concrete removal. Back-Set is a one-of-a-kind formula. It uses an active ingredient found in sugar cane syrup, and is completely biodegradable It is a liquid blend of organic compounds, scale and corrosion inhibitors,oxygen scavengers and sludge conditioners with valuable surfactants. It is a highly soluble, product used for the reduction of hardness Of cement. It will precipitate calcium hardness as a non-adherent sludge. Colourless liquid sludge conditioner designed to prevent deposits.

Dosing Methods & Using Procedure: The hardened concrete is saturated with Back-Set, either with a brush or by spraying. After 15-20 minutes, the area is again saturated with the chemical. The concrete typically begins to soften in 20-30 minutes,and can be rinsed off with water.The amount required for dosage can be obtained BY knowing the deposition composition as well as nature of cement to be removed.5 to 20 % recommended .These are recommended values based on experience. For optimum results dose RXSOL-22-2205 directly to the surface .

 Product Properties:


Appearance Yellowish
Density                                                                   In g/ml at 15°C: 1.1
Metal  Avoid aluminium, zinc galvanised steel.
Rubber No known effect

Features, Benefits and Applications: 
– Dispersant action suspends cement sludge and sediment particles for efficient blowdown.

– Highly active phosphate based compound, economical in use.
– Easily dissolved in water for dosing.
– Scale problems due to calcium are eliminated.
– Maintains sludge in a non-adherent state for ease of blow down.
– Simple test to determine level of treatment.
– Can be used for all pressures.
– Liquid product, easy to feed.
– Keeps sludge dispersed for efficient removal by blowdown.

Characteristic :
. Non-fuming
Safe for paint, chrome, aluminum, glass, rubber, plastic, brass & stainless
. Dissolves cured cement, concrete, mortar, grout, stucco
. Cleans aluminum
. Also comes with a foaming spray nozzle

Note:- will not remove rubberized cement. Additional Information.This product is formulated for use in conjunction with sea water /Good water.

** Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product **

Product Label

Muriatic acid in high concentrations forms acidic mists. Both the mist and the solution have a corrosive effect on human tissue, with the potential to damage respiratory organs, eyes, skin, and intestines. Upon mixing Muriatic acid with common oxidizing chemicals, such as bleach (NaClO) or permanganate (KMnO4), the toxic gas chlorine is produced. To minimize the risks while working with Muriatic acid, appropriate precautions should be taken, including wearing rubber or PVC gloves, protective eye goggles, and chemical-resistant clothing.


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