Metalic Floor Finish


Metalic Floor Finish

It is an ultra concentrate acralyic metalic Floor Finish for low frequency maintenance floor.

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Technical Bulletin

Metalic Floor Finish is an ultra concentrated acrylic metallic floor finish for low frequency maintenance floor. Based on acrylic polymers, it contains 25% solid matters, to give high resistance to detergents, wear, black marks, scuffs and water. It possesses slip resistance properties exceeds ASTM D 2047 standard. Formulated for professional use, it adapt to all type of flooring for an optimal long-lasting shine.

1. High resistance to detergents, wear and other
2. Possesses slip properties
3. Adapt to all type of flooring


pH (as is) 8,5 – 9,0
Density (20°C) 1,034 g/cc
Colour White liquid
Fragrance Light odor
Characteristic Very glossy finish
Flash Point More than 95°C
Freezing Stability Keep out from freezing
Degradability determined in accordance with OECD no. 301D.  

In order to bring a surface back to its original condition:
1. Strip the floor with DECAPLUS floor stripper.
2. Rinse and neutralise and let the surface dry completely.
3. With a finish mop, apply two or three coats of Metalic Floor Finish depending on the flooring’s porosity and humidity.
4. Allow 20 to 25 minutes drying time between coats or more time if you have more humidity .

Whenever the surface brightness is somewhat worn out; clean the floor and spray-buff with a 50 : 50 Metalic Floor Finish with water.

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