Liquid Soap 20 Ltr


Liquid Soap 20 Ltr

Liquid soap can be utilize for multi purpose cleaning action as cleaning soap and detergent . Our Liquid Soap is highly-foaming mixture of surfactants with oil grease dissolving property.

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Concentrate Liquid soap manufacturer and supplier on best price in India and Middle East. We are also providing liquid soap also with customized private labeling option to our customers from many years.


Technical Bulletin

Product Label

A highly concentrated liquid organic synthetic detergent. It is well balanced blend of nonionic, anionic and amide compound with effective soil releasing agents.
Why …. RXSOL Liquid Soap is better …. than …. any others ?
( 1 ) – RXSOL Liquid Soap is manufactured under Quality-Control-System.
( 2 ) – There are generally used SALT ( Sodium Chloride ) in Local Market , which is dangerous for cleaning due to high Chloride value . In General market availability of local products’ Chloride value is crossing sometimes 200 PPM whereas scientifically, maximum Chloride limit is 5 PPM.
( 3 ) – RXSOL Liquid Soap is blended of selected Long-chain-polar surfactant.
( 4 ) – RXSOL Liquid Soap has low Foam due to advance technique whenever others have high Foam resulting to waste our precious water and more time .
( 5 ) – Any liquid has bacterial & fungal growth nature due to lack of Preservative . Generally no one use Preservative to avoid such growth. You may ask your other supplier , ” which Preservative do you use to stop the growth of Bacteria, Algae, etc. ? ”
The growth of bacteria makes your liquid solution highly poisonous which may cause many disease to us. Our RXSOL – Liquid Soap is blend of Preservative to stop such growth.


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