Hypochlorous Hand Sanitizer


Hypochlorous Hand Sanitizer

Hypochlorous acid can also be used in place of hand sanitizer with no irritating side effects and does not cause hand dermatitis.

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Hypochlorous acid (HClO) is a weak acid that forms when chlorine dissolves in water.


Technical Bulletin

Analysis Report

Test Specification Result
Appearance Clear Liquid Colorless to hazy aqueous solution
Odor:  Characteristic. Chlorine-like
Flammability   Non-flammable 
Chemical formula HOCl HOCL
Chloride (Cl),ppm 150 ppm MAXIMUM  20 ppm
Color, (APHA)  Less than 30 APHA   Less than 30 APHA 
Iron (Fe), ppm  10 ppm MAXIMUM 2 ppm
Molar mass 52.46 g/mol 52.46 g/mol
Density Variable 1.201 to 1.265 G/CC
Solubility in water Soluble Soluble
Acidity (pKa)   7.53
Boiling Point:    Decomposition temperature 40°C
Conjugate base   Hypochlorite


Hydrogen Bond Donor Count  -1 

Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count -1

Rotatable Bond Count -0

Exact Mass- 51.971592 g/mol

Monoisotopic Mass -51.971592 g/mol

Topological Polar Surface Area- 20.2 Ų

Heavy Atom Count -2

Formal Charge- 0

Complexity- 2

Isotope Atom Count -1

Defined Atom Stereocenter Count- 0

Undefined Atom Stereocenter Count- 0

Defined Bond Stereocenter Count- 0

Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count -0

Covalently-Bonded Unit Count -1

Compound Is Canonicalized -Yes 

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