Ethanol Denatured


Ethanol Denatured


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Chemical Names: Ethanol; Ethyl alcohol; Alcohol; Methylcarbinol; Grain alcohol; Ethyl hydroxide. Molecular Formula: CH3CH2OH or C2H6O. Molecular Weight: 46.069 g/mol.


Technical Bulletin


Product Number: 459844
CAS Number:  64-17-5
MDL: MFCD00003568
Formula: C2H6O
Formula Weight: 46.07 g/mol

Infrared Spectrum Conforms to Structure
Color Test  < 10 APHA
GC Purity, % Ethanol by Volume  > 99.00 %
Methanol Content < 0.1 %
Water (by Karl Fischer) < 0.2 %
Residue on Evaporation < 0.001 %
Solubility Pass
Substances Darkened (by H2SO4) Pass
Substances reducing (by MnO4) Pass
Acetone and Isopropyl Alcohol Pass
Titrable Acid (meq/g) < 0.0005
Titrable Base (meq/g) <0.0002
Meets ACS Requirements Current ACS Specification
Appearance Clear,Colourless,Volatile Liquid,Free from Suspended Matters.
Odour & Taste No foreign odour or taste.
Clearity of soln. on 1:19 Dilution with water  Clear & Miscible Completely.
Specific Gravity at 15.6 D C Min 0.7961
Ethanol Content % by Volume at 20.0 D C Min 99.50
Miscibility with water Miscible
Alkalinity Nil to Phenolphthalein
Acidity (As Acetic Acid) Mg/L 30.00

Aldehyde Contents (As Acetaldehyde) mg/L

Ester Content ( As Ethyl Acetate) MG/L 100.00
Hither Alcohols, mg/L 30.00
Furfural Content, mg/L ND
Residual on evaporation , mg/L 20.00
Permagnate Time, Minutes 30.00
Water Content % v/v 0.500

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