Dual Purpose Plus 210 Ltr


Dual Purpose Plus 210 Ltr

Dual Purpose Plus 210 Ltr

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RXSOL-70-7002-210  Dual Purpose plus is a concentrated combustion improver for heavy fuel oils. It also has fuel conditioning properties.


Technical Bulletin


Product Description:-Dual Purpose Plus is a concentrated combustion improver for heavy fuel oils. It also has fuel conditioning properties.

Producs Properties:-The catalysts in Dual Purpose Plus react with heavy fuel particles during combustion. The fuel ignition temperature is reduced, resulting in increased combustion efficiency with less carbon left to form smoke and soot. Engine and exhaust system are kept cleaner with longer service life and less maintenance.Anti-polymerisation agents inhibit sludge formation, while dispersants stabilize the fuel. This results in a cleaner fuel system and better fuel flow, giving improved fuel atomisation and greater combustion efficiency. Sulphuric acid corrosion caused by condensing exhaust gases may be seen in any of the cooler parts of the boiler or engine system. Typical problem areas are cylinder liners (clover-leaf corrosion), valve stems and funnel uptakes. Dual Purpose Plus catalytically inhibits the formation of acid gases. This reduces the amount of acid present, thereby reducing acid corrosion.

Directions for Use and Dose Rates:-Dual Purpose Plus is completely oil-soluble and should be added via a metering pump into the suction side of the booster pump. Alternatively, it can be added into the settling tank. If so, the dose rate should be increased by 10%. As a general guide, the average dosage should be 1:4000. Alterations can then be made according to operating experience and results obtained.
Where fuel analysis for Micro Carbon Residue, (MCR) is available, dose according to the table below:

MCR%                          10              12           14              16              18

DOSE RATE          1:4000       1:3000     1:2500      1:2000        1:1000

Product Properties:-



Dark brown liquid



In g/cm3 at 15°C: 0.9

Flash Point


(PMCC)°C: Above 61






No known effect  



May swell  



Rubber May swell  



25/210 Ltrs



Benefits and Applications

Features, Benefits and Applications:-

– Improves combustion.
– Reduces carbon/ash deposits.
– Limits soot formation and smoke emissions.
– Overall improvement in fuel combustion and economy.
– Minimizes cold-end corrosion of exhaust trunking, uptakes, cylinder liners, valve stems, etc

                                               **Read the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product**

Product Label

Harmful: may cause lung damage if swallowed. Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking. Do not breathe gas / fumes / vapour / spray. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves & eye/face protection. Avoid exposure – obtain special instructions before use. If swallowed do not induce vomiting: seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label


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